TGIF in Texas!

I took this shot from my daugher's back yard this afternoon.  You can see how the pine trees are all limbless about half the way up.  I was looking at some younger ones along the road this morning after dropping the girls off at school, and I almost ran a red light!  I looks like, in the areas where they are planted further apart, and more sunlight can get through, they have limbs all the way down.  Maybe the limbs will only grown in the sunlight. 

I need some help from all you photo editors out there.  I gave my old computer to my sister-in-law so she could preview and print the pictures from her new Canon camera.  She has her software that came with her camera, but it is too complicated for her to use.  She needs something like One-Click, so she can preview the pictures, fix red eye and crop, and choose the ones she wants to print, then go to the print page and and select the number of prints per page.  I know she can do it with the program she has, but it is so complicated that even I have a hard time figuring it out.  If the computer was connected to the internet, I would download One-Clip, but it isn't.  Anyone have any good ideas.  It has to be a program on a CD, not one that I download.  I've spent most of the afternoon doing research online, but I'm no closer now than when I started.  Help!

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3 Responses to TGIF in Texas!

  1. April Tay says:

    Learning how to take good photos too! It just take lot of practice… so take more. *Smile*

  2. Amy Sue says:

    I'm not sure about software that is just loaded on a CD. I use Shutterfly…just downloaded it from the internet, so I know that won't help! A lot of retail stores, like Walmart & Walgreens have the editing software on their machines, and then the photos can be loaded on a CD to share on a computer. Good luck!

  3. Yes, she can take her card to Wal-Mart, except now that I work at Wal-Mart, I just do my shopping while I'm there, and she doesn't have a chance to go there. She lives with us, and doesn't drive, so she depends on us. I think I'm going to order PreClick Silver from It's cheap, and I think it will do everything she wants from an editing program. I tried using my software program that came with my camera, which is about the same as hers, and I can't figure out how to select more than one picture to pick on a page. If it was hooked up to the internet, I would just download PreClick Gold. I always think it is One Click, because that is how easy it is!

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