Another cool, cloudy day

Another dreary day out here in the country, so I dug back to the same date in August to find some sunshine.  It was a bit warmer today than yesterday, but by this evening, it was drizzling just enough to make it hard to see to drive. 

I worked all day today by myself.  Got several cakes and some cupcakes made to go out in the cake case.  I did a better job of planning my time today, so I was able to get everything cleaned up and leave on time.  We were busy today with people ordering and buying cakes, plus the bread department was busy, too, and the donuts!  You would think the donuts would be one thing people would cut out.  It is certainly one thing that no one has to have. 

I had to take my printer to the shop yesterday because on Sunday I had inserted a color photo cartridge in the slot for the tricolor ink.  Big mistake!  It was stuck and I couldn't budge it.  Fortunately, I had purchased it from a local computer shop, so I just took it back.  They were able to get it out.  Thank goodness for small local businessmen. 

It isn't that late, but I am tired.  I will be working by myself again tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too bad.  Since I will be by myself, I'm going to work the 9-6 shift again.  The nice thing about that is that you don't have to get up too early, and it isn't too late when you get home.  It's still a long day, so good-night!

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10 Responses to Another cool, cloudy day

  1. Karen Lynn says:

    I love this photograph, it sure is bright and sunny. I hope your tomorrow is good :))

  2. Amy Sue says:

    Beautiful photo! I think February is the worst month of winter. Mother Nature teases us with spring-like days, and then hard winter sets in again! The good news is that spring is really right around the corner!

  3. Thanks, gf! We have had nothing but dreary weather this week. I needed something cheery.

  4. Thanks, Amy! Are you seeing any signs of spring out your way? I finally saw my first robins this week. They were in the town where I work, about 30 miles south of here. Haven't seen any here yet. Course, I haven't been home all week during the day! No wonder I haven't seen any! LOL

  5. grannyjewell says:

    I posted a few pictures of Christmas here. It is in the 70's today was almost 90 yesterday. We had no winter this year. I was worrying about you driving this winter I think you had a fairly harsh winter there in KS and MO. Some friends of the family were going to come down but had an accident a few days ago,slide on black ice.
    Hope you check out our Christmas parade.

  6. Art and Tea says:

    So cheerful and bright! Yellow!! I love sunflowers:)

  7. Your parade looked like a lot of fun. We didn't have a bad winter here where we live. Only a couple of nights that I had to drive in ice &/or snow. I don't remember any days below zero. We had 11 degrees this morning, but it warmed up pretty quickly.

  8. Thanks! Do they grow as far north as you are?

  9. Art and Tea says:

    Yes, Sunflowers bloom here but not until late summer

  10. Ours were late last year because it rained so much in the spring that we couldn't get them planted.

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