It’s Monday!

Since I volunteered to work yesterday, today seems like Tuesday, since I'm used to being home on weekends now.  Anyway, I tried working on the computer last night, but my eyes were so tired I couldn't focus.  Finally gave up and worked on a new table runner instead.  I'm rag quilting this one.  I tried listing these two table mats on Saturday, but lost my connection.  That doesn't happen too much anymore, thank goodness. 


I've had this one finished for a while now, but forgot to list it on Etsy. 


I finished this one on Saturday.  I'm going to have to work on the colors before I list it on Etsy.  The dark color is really purple.  Purple is the hardest color for me to photograph.  Take a look at

I have to go to work today at 11:00.  It is nice to have most of the morning at home, but it does make it late when I get home.  I volunteered to work yesterday because I knew they were going to be short handed, and we were.  Even with me being there I still worked for five straight hours without a break trying to get caught up.  Once the rush was over, we did have a little time to just decorate cakes for the case, so I got my daily dose of roses.  A day without making roses is just not a good day!  LOL  We only had two orders for today, so hopefully we will have more time to catch up with cakes for the case.  It was pretty bare yesterday.  I can't decide what to take for lunch.  I took a bowl of brown rice with chili and a small bowl of corn yesterday.  I heated them up and mixed them together.  Delicious!  I should have made some more rice this morning.  Maybe I'll just take cereal.  Nothing else sounds good.  I'm reading a Danielle Steele book on my lunch hour.  Time flies! 

It is sunny but cool here today.  Have a good one, everybody!


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