Homemade lemon pie

Homemade from scratch lemon pie that I made today.  It's been several years since I made a lemon pie.  I kept trying to spread the topping out like it was icing!  Then I almost burned it.  I need to make lemon pie more often.  It was delicious! 



Here's the little bitty table runner that I made for my telephone table.  This time, I made both squares exactly the same. 

We had a really nice time tonight.  We had potato soup, salad, and garlic bread with applesauce salad and lemon pie.  Not too heavy but very tasty.  Then we played dominoes.  We like to play Mexican Train and Chicken Foot.  Tonight we just played for fun without trying to keep score.  It was more fun, and more relaxing. 

Now I need to get to bed because I volunteered to help cook at the church retreat this weekend.  Plus, two of our children and their kids are coming out tomorrow, so I don't want to be gone all day.  Too bad it is going to be cold and nasty. 

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6 Responses to Homemade lemon pie

  1. Emjay says:

    It has been years since I have had any lemon pie – I used to love it (probably still do LOL). I like the runner.

  2. Bet you still do love lemon pie. I love anything tart, especially lemons. I like the runner, too. It is the perfect spot of color for that little table.

  3. Atlantis says:

    Mmmmm … lemon pie … *drool*Your runner is very pretty. I'm working on some cross-stitch placemats at the moment, I'll probably get back to quilting once they're finished.

  4. :: char :: says:

    Your lemon pie looks so yummy!

  5. Be sure to post a picture when you get them finished. I have a little counted cross stitch Christmas ornament that I have been working on on and off for months. I would like to get it finished, but my heart really isn't in it. I'd rather be quilting! Wish I could send you a piece of pie!

  6. Thanks! It was. Just the right combination of sweet and tart.

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