Week’s over!

Here's a little table mat that I finished this week.  It was supposed to be the last square of the last table runner that I made, but I got the strips put together in the wrong order! 


Here's a table mat that I finished Thursday night.  I'm trying to use all of these pink and purple fabrics before I start on another stack of colors.  I might be able to make one more small project.  This is the first time I have tried quilting in a pattern rather than just stitching along the seam lines. 


Here's my final project for this week.  I made these bibs for my grandkids from hand towels.  My daughter-in-law likes them because they really cover the kids up and keep their clothes clean.  The one in the foreground has baseball buttons, and the one in the background has ladybug buttons.  I had to order the ribbing from a web site that sells supplies for making your own diapers. 

We had fun at the birthday party today.  We left home about 1:00 pm and got home about 10:00.  Some of our kids stayed to watch the Big 12 Championship game.  We were all cheering for Mizzou, and they won!  Then we stayed for pizza.  I actually came home and took my vitamens and brushed my teeth.  Usually I have to get something to eat even if I'm not hungry.  Now I need to get to bed.  Toodles!

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4 Responses to Week’s over!

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Those bibs are adorable! What a great idea.

  2. Thanks, Amy Sue. My DIL really likes them. They keep the kids really clean.

  3. yancunyong says:

    I didn't know what "bib" is and found its meaning with my dictionary… Oh, bib! What a lovely present your adorable bibs are!

  4. Thanks! I do try to make homemade presents for gifts as much as possible.

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