Tuesday, cont.

Do you ever have times when your blog bogs down and won't go anywhere?  I was trying to upload a picture of the table mat/lap quilt that I finished today, but it just wouldn't happen, so finally I was able to save what I had done.  Now I'm going to try again.  It you don't see a picture of a quilted item here soon, you will know I'm still having issues.  LOL


Finally!  Here is my new table mat.  When I put it away on the shelf, it didn't have the blue inside border.  I think it needs something different for quilting on the blue border strips, but I don't know what.  Would they look better without stitching?  This was my first attempt at using triangle squares.  I used a blue batik for the binding.  I have some more batik fabric that I need to use.  I like the colors, I just haven't seen a pattern that would really show them off. 

One of our sons came out tonight with his three kids.  We are having water drainage issues, so he came out to wade out into the lagoon to see if he could find anything.  I had fun playing with the kids.  My sister brought two Legos educational sets to our house at Christmas.  The grandkids all love them.  They have large pieces so they aren't hard to pick up and even the two year olds have fun with them.

I have a couple more quilted pieces that I would like to finish tomorrow.  I need to update my Etsy page also.  I never run out of things to do.  Need to do some computer/paperwork, too.  Oh, well.  Think I'll go to bed and worry about what to do tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Tuesday, cont.

  1. Amy Sue says:

    I think the stitching looks nice. I also like the colors…the oranges look great with the pinks & blues. Beautiful work!
    I can't imagine life without Legos! They've been around our house, in all different shapes & sizes, since Cole was a toddler. 🙂

  2. Aren't Legos wonderful! We have had them since the twins were little, about 38 years! I may even still have some of the originals.
    I'm glad you like the table mat. Sometimes, I think I am my own worst critic! Icing cakes has expanded my comfort zone when it goes to combining colors. A year ago, I would never have put pink and orange together.

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