Whoops!  Where was I yesterday?  Ah, I remember.  I worked on my quilting until way past my bedtime.  Today I have been working on my computer, and again it is way past my bedtime, but I just had to check in. 

Well, I didn't work all day.  I did take a few minutes to go out and take some pictures.  The sun was out for a little while. 


I brought this planter of begonias inside last fall and have kept them alive all winter.  It is nice to see something blooming.  I started updating my Etsy store this morning and discovered that I had lots of things that I had made that I didn't have listed including some that I didn't even have pictures of.  This begonia is sitting in front of the same window that I use to photograph my table runners, etc.  It has taken me all day, but I finally have everything I had made listed in my Etsy store.  Hop on over and check it out at Etsy!  I think it was worth it 'cause I sold something tonight for the first time in awhile. 


I like to play around with photo editing.  Can't resist the temptation.  Black daffodils, anyone?

I still need to do some more computer work, like balancing my bank statement, so enough fooling around for one day.  Toodles! 

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4 Responses to Whoops!

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Good job on the photo editing! I like the black & white.

  2. Karen Lynn says:

    Thank you thank you I needed some spring! It must be coming here…soon! I hope!

  3. I love the top photo, the daffodil looks so vibrant

  4. How was your trip? What impressed you the most?
    Glad you like the daffodil. I haven't been able to enjoy them like I usually do. Too many days that is was windy, cold, rainy, etc.

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