Photo Quest #53 – The Frames Have It

Here are my entries for this week's Photo Quest.


I finally braved the chilly winds this afternoon to take a look around outside.  The sun was shining but the wind meant business.  I had never noticed that the crabapple tree's buds are pink before the white flowers open.  The tree branches and leaves form a frame for the buds.


This was my original choice for subject matter for the "frames" challenge.  This one was cropped but otherwise not edited.  I took the photo at an angle.  I use the rail in my loft to display my latest creations until they go to new homes. 


Same subject matter, taken this morning with flash in auto mode.  Previous shot was taken this afternoon with natural light.  Both photos were cropped and resized.  The first photo was taken this afternoon with natural light, and resized only, no cropping, etc. 

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2 Responses to Photo Quest #53 – The Frames Have It

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Great entries for the photo quest. I didn't get around to this quest…crazy week. Your banners are beautiful and I really like the crab apple blossoms. I'm awaiting ours to start budding. I always like to take photos of it.
    You've posted before about a place you sell your crafts…Esty or something. Could you tell me a little more about it, or give me the link?

  2. Sure! I sell my crafts at You can link to my shop at Etsy charges $.20 for each listing, which remains active for several months, then you can renew it if you like. You can upload up to five photos at no extra charge. All of your listings are in your "shop". It is easy to open an account. There seems to be a lot of traffic.

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