Yucky weather in the country

It was cold and cloudy again today.  No rain, but it felt and looked like it could snow, even though the temp was in the 40's.  Too yucky to be outside, so I quilted instead. 

Here's one corner of the pillow top after quilting and binding.  It is amazing how much different a few pieces of fabric can look after you add just a little bit of thread and a contrasting binding. 


Here's the other side of the pillow top, the one that I had to add a second border to to make it wide enough.  I do like the narrow contrasting borders. 


Here's a close up of one of the corners.  I stitched the binding around three sides of the pillow top, and to the top only on the forth side.  I will finish it after I add the pillow insert.  I forgot to buy the insert, so it will be next week before I will get it listed in my Etsy store. 

Now on to the crabapple blossoms.  I braved the weather for a few minutes late this afternoon to get a few shots.  They almost look like black and white. 


By increasing the brightness and contrast, I was able to make a very dull shot look pretty good.


I increased the brightness and contrast on this one, and also softened the edges.  I like the floating in space look. 


Here I brightened and increased contrast, then applied a tranpanency. 


And finally one that is completely unedited, only resized.  The weatherman says we will have sunshine and warmer temps tomorrow.  I'll be outside with my camera if we do. 

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6 Responses to Yucky weather in the country

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Your blossom photos are beautiful! Great job on the editing. I wish I could figure out how to do the "softening around the edges". What software do you use?

  2. I agree the narrow contrasting bands make the pillow look very nice.your blossom pictures look great!

  3. Emjay says:

    I love shot "21' – it looks so gorgeous and soft. We had rain yesterday and more today and then some more expected tomorrow …….

  4. Thanks, Em! It's my fav, too. We had sunshine today, and it was much warmer, even though the wind was still chilly. Hope you get some sunshine soon.

  5. Thanks, CC! The borders really do the trick, don't they? Glad you are enjoying my crab apple tree, too. LOL

  6. Thanks, Amy Sue. I use Microsoft Picture It! Premium 10 that came with Vista, but I think most editing programs will have some version of it. Look for Effects. Then Edges and Soft. Then you can adjust the amount of edge you want softened.
    I just checked my other editing program, Irfanview, and I couldn't figure out how to soften the edges. Effects in that program do something else altogether!

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