I’m back!

This is actually a photograph of a white tulip.  I added the rain drops and created a negative image.  I would like to see this with soft edges. 


I have one red tulip.  It was very pretty today.  I tried taking some pictures of the crabapple tree at the same time I took these tulip pictures.  None of them turned out.  I went out later and had better luck. 


And finally, one taken this morning by my hubby.


We had noticed a fox running across the fields around here for the past several weeks.  This morning, my hubby figured out why.  There were four kits playing out at the corner of the barn.  He went back down with the camera and managed to get a couple of shots of mama fox.  We also have a small flock of ducks who have taken up residence on our lagoon, and a pair of bluebirds must have a nest somewhere in our yard because we see them a lot.  We have a dog and a cat, but they mostly stay in the yard.  I like seeing a few wild things hanging around. 

I started another table runner today.  I should be able to finish it tomorrow.  I just have to quilt it and bind it.  I also spent a couple of hours working on my menus and orders for camp.  It will be time to order the food in a couple of weeks. 

I need to plant garden tomorrow, if it is dry enough.  More rain in the forecast for the weekend. 

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2 Responses to I’m back!

  1. I really like the tulip, that vibrant red with the contrasting yellow are so cheery.That is so cool that you have a fox and kits near by. I see lots of them in the near by area but none actually on our property. I guess my dogs make enough of a fuss to keep them from getting close.

  2. Thanks! It certainly is proof that you can use bright colors together with striking results.

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