Photos on a cloudy day

I thought the weather was supposed to be nicer today, but it is overcast, and still windy!  Nevertheless, I went out with my camera.  I had always thought that sunny days were best for taking pictures, but I'm beginning to change my mind.  Here's what the crabapple tree looks like today.


The cloudy sky creates more of a neutral background.  I softened the edges and increased the brightness and contrast. 


This time I just increased the pink tint slightly as well as increasing the brightness and contrast.  Still haven't balanced the checkbook or paid the bills! 

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2 Responses to Photos on a cloudy day

  1. Adjusting pictures are always so much more fun than adjusting the checkbook balance. LOLThese are great pictures. A cloudy sky does make for a better background

  2. Balancing the checkbook wasn't bad, it was paying the bills that was painful! LOL
    Maybe I had just never tried taking pictures before when it was cloudy. I am amazed at the difference.

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