Country By Design quilted pillow

Last night I finished the quilted pillow that I had been working on.  I'm going to take a few minutes right now to get it listed on Etsy


This side is made with triangle squares and a double border.  All of the prints are from the same fabric.  I had lots of small pieces of it. 


Here's my version of scrappy strips.  It has fussy cut Holly Hobbie corner squares.  I think I'm going to use this same idea to make some place mats. 

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4 Responses to Country By Design quilted pillow

  1. lovely pillow. I think the top one is my favorite. I like the color combination they compliment and contrast each other very nicely.

  2. I like the dynamics of that side best, too. It has movement.

  3. Trailblazer says:

    So much patience and good eyesight – you create some fascinating combinations, hope you sell a truckload, have to hire helpers and make a bundle. Are you teaching any young girls to do this, they need to get over themselves and invest in something creative and get off the cell phone.

  4. I will try to teach my granddaughters, but it requires a rare sense of doing things perfectly that not too many people possess. The squares have to be cut out exactly the right size with straight edges. Then the seams have to be exactly the right width. And that has nothing to do with knowing how to put the squares together for a pleasing result. So it takes both creativity and precision which usually don't exist in the same person.
    So far they haven't been selling like hotcakes, but at least I always have something ready when I need to gift, or a donation for an auction! LOL

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