Table runners and flowering plums

I went out this morning to take some more pictures of the crabapple tree, but it has been so windy that the blooms are no longer pretty.  They all have brown edges.  So I walked down toward the lake to see what the flowering plum tree looked like.  It is beautiful.  I love this pink color.  I tweaked it just a little bit. 

We got into the garden again today, too.  I planted sweet corn, beans, and green beans.  We had already planted potatoes and radishes.  Yesterday I planted three Akita dahlias and two bleeding hearts.  I have never grown either one before, so we will see. 

I also finished another table runner today.  It is made almost entirely of recycled fabrics.  I didn't buy anything new except the batting. 


I will get it listed on Etsy tonight.  Gotta go help my hubby fix the lawn mower.  Toodles!

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8 Responses to Table runners and flowering plums

  1. love the plum blossoms. the runner is great.

  2. Thanks, CC! I had never gotten up close and personal with the plum tree before. I was amazed!
    I'm happy with the way the runner turned out, too. I like the fact that the strips are all different widths. Diagonal stripes make a pleasing design. At least on a table runner. I don't think I would care to wear them! LOL

  3. Emjay says:

    What is a bleeding heart? Is it a bulb or an annual? (or something totally different?). The colour of plum blossoms is gorgeous.

  4. A bleeding heart is a "hardy perennial" according to the package. It has tubers, rather like daylillies. It has lobed, fern-like foliage, and likes shade. One end of my flower bed is under the crabapple tree, so it doesn't get full sun until 3:00 in the afternoon. Each blossom is rather small, but they grow in bunches at the end of stems. The flowers have a tubular heart shape. Hopefully, I will be able to send you a picture before summer is over!

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