Saturday in the country

We had summer like temperatures today combined with spring like winds.  I finally took my camera out this evening to see what I could find.  It was hard to get anything in focus.  You can tell these flowers on the red bud tree aren't in focus. 


The sycamore tree is just beginning to leaf out.  I love the leaves when they are tiny like this. 


Most of my spring bulbs are finished blooming.  Just a few that are late bloomers, including this one. 

We are invited to a party tomorrow, so I may not have time to blog or check up on my neighbors.  Then it's back to work on Monday.  Later!

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3 Responses to Saturday in the country

  1. the red bud flowers may not be in focus but they still are pretty to see.I love your late bloomers. have fun at your party, tomorrow

  2. Thanks! I had a hard time getting anything in focus. I think it was because it was so windy. I should have tried taking the photos on the sports/action setting.

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