The new dogs at our house

When I went out with my camera on Wednesday, our granddaughter's dogs had to come along to make sure they didn't miss anything.  I was taking pictures of the red bud tree when I turned around and found both of them under this old wagon.  Right now, it is full of some sort of very hardy ground cover.  I think my hubby sprayed it with weed killer today.  I want to plant petunias in the wagon.  I hate to kill the ground cover, but it is just too invasive.  You can't plant anything else in the wagon because it just takes over. 

We weren't too busy at work today.  There were three of us, so we got a lot of cakes decorated.  Didn't really get to do anything creative.  We are trying to get some backstock in the freezer for high school graduation.  That seems to be the biggest cake selling day of the entire year! 

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4 Responses to The new dogs at our house

  1. I know! They look like they just moved into a new condo and are just getting comfortable. They are so funny. I love them already.

  2. Emjay says:

    Wow! That is going to look gorgeous with petunias flowering in it! I wish I had something intriguing like that – but I think it would fill my entire little courtyard! LOL.

  3. You could get a minature version and put a couple of pots in it. That would be cute.

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