It’s Monday

I took this shot of a milkweed leaf with a barbed wire fence a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think I posted it.  I just uploaded it to iStock.  I got three more acceptance notices today.  Yeah!

I needed some good news.  I had a good day a work today, until the last hour.  All of my customer were really friendly, and liked their cakes, then I messed up and made a full size (huge) sheet cake and forgot to put the filling in BEFORE I iced it.  It was already 15 minutes past time for me to leave when I realized what I had done.  I probably would have stayed to fix it, but I was so tired, and we wanted to go to the wake for a friend of ours.  I had worked an hour and a half extra last night, so it was 10:30 pm before I got home, then it was 2:30 am before I really got to sleep.  Then the alarm went off at 5:30 'cause I had to be back at work by 7:00 am.  Three hours of sleep is not enough!  I know I start losing concentration fast when I'm tired.  I need to ask them not to schedule me to close one night at 8:00 pm then open the next morning at 7:00 am.  Unless they are willing to put up with my mistakes! 

We are going to the funeral tomorrow, so that will take most of the day.  It rained again today, so I don't have to worry about watering anything, but the weeds are terrible.  They are going to take over if I don't get out there soon!

I looked for Maeve Binchy books on Bonanzle tonight, but didn't find any so I popped over to eBay and bid on a couple.  In my latest cake decorating magazine, apple green and black was the hot color combo for the season.  I did a couple to cakes with those colors, I have were striking, but this area is too conservative to really get into something like that.  I would like to find some apple green and black fabric, though.  Wouldn't that make a fantastic quilt? 

Need to check my email, then get to bed.  No rest for the wicked!  I did remember to get a double mat and picture frame for my photo today.  I'll post a picture tomorrow. 


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4 Responses to It’s Monday

  1. this is a very good black and white. oops on the cake mistake, I hope it did not cause too much troublesthey shouldn't schedule you shifts so close together the apple green and the black do sound like interesting color combination, I look forward to seeing some quilt work with those colorsthis rain we have been having is ridiculous. did you hear about them closing highway 70 at Jonesburg Monday during the hight of the storm? that is just a little west of my exit. it is not exactly a low area but there was just no where for the water to go the ditches were filling up too fast.I hope the funeral is not marred by this next wave of rain coming in.

  2. Thanks, Cinders! I really like shooting in black and white.
    I haven't had any luck finding apple green fabric, but I haven't looked too hard either. I think it will be striking.
    Didn't make it to the funeral this morning. Woke up, walked down the stairs, and stepped into several inches of water! The floor drains in our basement had stopped up, and the water running in the window (yeah, I know!) had no place to go. So we spend the entire morning putting the freezer up on blocks, getting a transfer pump to get rid of the water, and hauling out everything that had gotten wet. The only good thing about the whole affair is that now my basement is a lot cleaner, and I'm inspired to take the books off of some shelves that we don't use and use it for fabric storage instead. I will have to wash a lot of stuff that got damp, but it will be a good excuse to go through everything and get rid of stuff that I'm never going to use. The only problem now is that I can't use the washing machine until we get a sump pump or something to take care of the water that won't go down the drain. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend the day, but at least I didn't have to work today, and it will get the basement clean and straighten up.
    How are you? Any closer to getting back to work?

  3. Emjay says:

    I used to read Maeve Binchy books- it is many years since I have seen one. Three hours sleep? Not good! If I don't have 6 hours my brain has trouble. That basement "issue" sounds annoying – I hope nothing valuable/important had to be thrown out.

  4. We finally got the basement issue resolved last night. I didn't lose anything valuable. I just have to get plastic boxes for some of the things I was storing in cardboard boxes.
    I'm with you on the sleep issue. I need 7 to 8 hours, at least!

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