What happened?

How can it be Thursday night already?  Where has this week gone?  I have to work tomorrow and Saturday, so I won't get much done then, either.  I think I have taken some photographs this week.  Let me look.


Someone (sorry, I forgot your name) wanted to know if I was making any more rag quilted table mats.  Today I started taking this table runner apart to make place mats instead.  It is mostly unbleached muslin and red, blue, and green checked homespun.  I'll post most pics as I go. 









Here's my latest project.  If I remember right, it is made up entirely of squares that I had already cut for other projects, etc. 

I just need to attach the last row and decide if it needs a border.  At first, I didn't put borders on anything, then I started putting borders on everything.  On this one, I'm not sure what to do. 












One of my few success stories this summer has been an old wooden wagon that we have in our front yard.  This year I filled it with red and white petunias.  So far, it has rained enough that they are stunning.  It has helped that it hasn't been really hot until yesterday and today.  We finally turned on the air conditioner.  We really hadn't needed it until now.  I went out this morning to work in the garden and got so sweaty that I had to change clothes, then I went out this afternoon to help my hubby try to figure out why our floor drains in the basement aren't working and got so hot that I had to take a shower!  I didn't even go back out this evening 'cause I didn't want to get sticky.  Rain in the forecast for tomorrow, so it may be cooler.  I'll try to get a good photo of the Shasta daisies.  They are just starting to bloom. 

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2 Responses to What happened?

  1. Karen Lynn says:

    ohhh your red and white petunias are beautiful! did you guys get big storms? we had 2 days of very unsettled weather, now it is sunny, warm and humid. (and windy of course)

  2. I took a shot of the wagon tonight. I'll try to get it posted later.
    It was just hot and windy yesterday. Mostly just hot today, although just south of us they did get a heavy downpour. We could hear it raining inside the store! We only got a heavy sprinkle here at the house.

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