Photo Quest #60 – The Five Second Rule

Since I'm using a Canon Powershot A540, I had my choice of two night scene settings.  All of these were taken with a tripod with white balance on "auto".

You can't quite see it unless you know where to look, but this shot did pick up the dusk-to-dawn light at our neighbors house.  f-stop:  f/32.  exposure time:  1/10 second.  max aperture:  3.34375


It was almost dark when I took these.  I'm amazed at the way they turned out.  Neither one of them are edited at all.  f-stop:  3.2.  exposure time:  1/6 second.  max aperture:  3.34375


I've always wanted to be able to take a picture of clouds like this with the setting sun shining on them, but had never been able to.  I did edit this one just a bit to lighten up the foreground.  f-stop:  f/2.6.  exposure time:  1/80 second.  max aperture:  2.75.  I wanted to add a bit more pink to the clouds, but it looked too fake. 

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5 Responses to Photo Quest #60 – The Five Second Rule

  1. SarahK says:

    love the 2nd one mom – you know more about photography than me now for sure!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! That one is my favorite, too. Wish I knew as much about doing stuff on the computer as you do. Have you thought about designing business cards?

  3. venkat2009 says:

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  4. County I agree with your daughter I like the second on the best too. It is a much better composition with the foreground taking up the bottom 1/3 of the picture.

  5. Thanks, Maureen! I agree. Having something in the foreground adds depth to the shot.

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