It’s still hot!

I wanted to go outside this evening to take some more pics and/or do some work on the flower beds, but it is still too hot.  Then I remembered that I still had some photos take I wanted to post, so decided to do that first and then see what if felt like outside. 


Here's how my rag quilted place mats are going.  I'm really going to like this set. 











Here's another shot of my volunteer petunias.  Someone suggested that it looks like water color.  I think they are right.  I love the way the edges are just a shade lighter, like a border.  I also like the simple scalloped edges. 









I went out with my watering can late yesterday, then came along with my camera.  These dark red day lilies are beautiful this year.  Most be all the rain we have gotten so far.  They are huge, too. 


I had taken the photo of the day lilies with my tripod.  When I walked over to the garden, I snapped the camera off and took this one hand held.  Then just to see if I could tell the difference, I snapped the camera back on the tripod and took another shot.  See if you can tell the difference. 



Left the camera on the tripod and went over to the row of zinnias.  My batteries were dying, so I couldn't preview an of my shots.  My screen was blank, so I really was shooting from the hip.  Here is one of my zinnia shots.



I've always loved night time photography, but never could hold the camera still enough to get a decent shot.  Went out about 9:00 pm last night and got this shot of the moon.  It isn't perfect, but it's by far the best I've ever done. 

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6 Responses to It’s still hot!

  1. Wow the sunset photo is a real keeper! I could tell the difference in the corn photos..could you? The lillies are beautiful what great colors.

  2. Thanks! I'm not very good at seeing details. I tend to look at the big picture. I think my close-ups of the flowers are sharper with the tripod. I would try the corn again and try to take both shots from exactly the same place, but it all blew down last night in the storm.

  3. Darn I love corn photos…all down, is it ruined?

  4. It was down all over the place in every which direction, but amazingly, most of it is standing back up.

  5. Oh that is great…I hope you have lots to eat. I don't thing there is anything better to eat than fresh picked corn!

  6. No, there isn't. But then everything fresh from the garden is great.

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