Photo Quest #61 – What do you love?


I thought about this Quest longer than most, and at first wanted to take pictures of my cakes or something else that I make, or maybe my flowers, but when it comes right down to the nitty gritty, I love my house, and the land around it.   So here goes. 


This is the view you will get as you drive up our gravel road to our lane.


Standing under our big walnut tree, looking to the north.


Looking to the west, a couple of the large sycamore trees that we have in our yard. 


Sweet corn tasseling in our garden.  We will have fresh green beans and zucchini for dinner tonight.

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22 Responses to Photo Quest #61 – What do you love?

  1. I can see why you love it so

  2. Trailblazer says:

    I am so jealous, I have to buy my corn and zucchini at the produce market. Have a few balcony tomato plants and the #@%@# cut worms have been munching on all the blooms on one of the plants. What a lovely swing with a perfect view.

  3. Thanks! We are lucky. Probably about half of the world would like to be in our shoes. Do you have good access to a farmer's market?

  4. Karen Lynn says:

    oh gosh I love it too! beautiful place you live at gf! and your garden looks awesome :))

  5. Trailblazer says:

    Yes, several in our area . . . plus a number of really good produce or green markets . . . yet picking out of your garden is a treasure. Dig deep my friend!

  6. Emjay says:

    I can see why you love this. It is beautiful and tranquil.

  7. Thanks, Emjay! It is beautiful, at least to me. It is almost like living in a private park that we have to take care of all by ourselves.

  8. Yes, fresh from your own garden is best. There is nothing like going out and picking sweet corn or tomatoes, then eating them half an hour later. The green beans and zucchini aren't bad either!

  9. Thanks, Karen! It does tie us down somewhat, but it's what we like to do. Except for some occasional "retail" therapy, I prefer to stay home. Shopping on line is almost as much fun, but still it's not the same. Do you have to go very far to have your "therapy session"?

  10. Karen Lynn says:

    I do most of my retail therapy online too. I hate hate crowds, hate the mall, hate parking lots, etc. Plus, I love getting things in the mail :)) Presents to myself!We are out in the country too. To go to the closest grocery store it is 15 minutes each way. To the mall: 45 minutes. To instantaneously!

  11. realworld says:

    I had a look a your photos, took a deep breath and was happy for my decision: I will move!!! Actually my love and I decided to share my flat where I'm living now but…. Yes – it's the word "but" – or "however". Your photos show me what I'm missing when I go outside the door: Take a deep breath! That has to be changed.Thank you for sharing.

  12. We are a little bit farther out than you are. I'm 25 minutes from work and that's where I do most of my shopping. The closest mall is an hour away, so I don't go often. I don't like to go by myself, but I do enjoy going with my daughters who really are the best friends I have. While we were in Texas in January, I took my sister-in-law to the mall almost every morning while the twins were in school. That was enough shopping to last me for awhile! I did find a good buy on several shirts that I could wear to work.

  13. Please do make a plan to move to a place where you can have your own space. I took my bowl of oatmeal out on the porch this morning. I should do that more often. Nothing but a nice breeze and birds singing in the trees. Pure heaven!

  14. realworld says:

    The to do list was already done. We were already busy with ticking off the items on it (forgot to tell it). The last item was signing the contract. Got a telephone call a few minutes after I posted my comment to you. We had to decide between 2 flats. And we got the better one a few minutes ago. We have an appointment to sign the rental agreement for a new domicile. We move on August 1st. YAY!!!!!!

  15. SweetMisery says:

    Love the wagon. Surprised you have enough water to grow all that good stuff.

  16. Thanks! We have our own deep well, so all we have to pay for is the electricity to pump it out of the ground. We have to carry water to the wagon. A couple of hoses works for everything else. We have only had to water the flowers and garden a couple of times. It has rained more than normal this year.

  17. Congratulations! I'm happy for you.

  18. yancunyong says:

    Great series photos of what you love! All the green and nature photos are so lovely, especially the 1st wagon!

  19. Thanks! I'm glad I could share them with you and I'm glad you enjoy them. I will try to remember to share more nature shots with all of you. I especially love your city shots, especially the ones of the bars and the lights. That is something I never get to see.

  20. yancunyong says:

    It seems that we are interested in what we don't have. I'm so pleased that we can share a part of our lives, feelings, findings and so on with our photos as well.

  21. Our photos really are a window to our worlds, aren't they? To think that we can talk to each other on a moments notice, yet live in two totally different places. It is amazing.

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