Time for Tuesday with photos

Aren't you lucky?  You are going to get the flower garden tour again.  I just can't resist.  It was really wet out this morning, so I didn't take the tripod.  I'm not sure how to set the white balance when it is sunny, but you are shooting in the shade, so I just used an auto setting. 


I had these orchid petunias out where they got full sun in the afternoon, but it was too much for them.  I moved them a week or so ago and they are much happier now. 


These are the petunias in the bird bath.  I don't seem to be able to get a good clear photo of them. 


This is my favorite shot of the morning.  I love the little inch worm on the black eyed Susan.  I need to go load a couple of shot up to iStock, then I need to get busy with my sewing.  I've been lolly-gagging too much! 

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2 Responses to Time for Tuesday with photos

  1. what an adorable shot of that inchworm! great timing!

  2. Thanks! You can't exactly get an inchworm to pose, so it was as much luck as anything.

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