Another picture perfect day in the country

Three of our grandchildren came out this afternoon.  The weather was perfect.  We went to the garden to pick vegetables to send home with them.  Then we played in the yard. If I can get it to load, here is a picture of E with a walnut she found on the ground. 


She was telling me that is was brown or dead or something.  Look how green the grass is!  Can you believe it is the middle of July? 

They like to pick up crab apples that fall off the tree, so that was our next activity. 












After they picked up most of them, I told them they could eat one.  I didn't really think they would, 'cause they are as sour as lemons, but E ate two of them.  Her twin brother wasn't so sure, but he ate most of his, too.  Don't you like his flower behind his ear?  She won't let you do anything with hers, but he loves barettes, etc.  Go figure! 

I wanted to go back out and take some more photos, but I made an apple pie instead using about 2 cups of crab apples with my other apples.  It wasn't the prettiest pie I've ever made 'cause I let the edge get a little bit too brown, but it was one of the tastiest.  Yum! 

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8 Responses to Another picture perfect day in the country

  1. Amy Sue says:

    Wow! Those are big crab apples! I'd love to see the recipe for the apple pie…please! 🙂 I have a load of crab apples!

  2. Oh you are so lucky, a great garden, a crab apple tree and twin grandchildren…doesn't get any better!

  3. Thanks, Maureen! I am lucky. Just throw in a couple of horses, and it would be perfect!

  4. I just used my favorite apple pie recipe except I substituted two cups of crab apple slices for two cups of regular apples. I think it was 5 cups of apples, 1/2 cup of sugar, 3 TBSP of flour, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg. Add I added a pinch of salt. I have tried making crab apple tarts, but haven't gotten that recipe down the way I like it yet. Try the crabapple/apple pie. Bet you'll like it!

  5. Trailblazer says:

    I love that 'look' on brother's eye . . . girls seem more adventurous eaters.

  6. Thanks! He seems to be checking to see if she is really eating it or just holding it. They each ate another one tonight.

  7. Emjay says:

    LOL – the twins together look so precious! He didn't want to eat his if she wasn't going to be eating hers – LOL.

  8. I know! That's what it looks like. He is waiting to see if she eats hers so he will know if he should eat his. When I gave him one the next night, he went right over and sat down on the same bench, like it was the apple-eating bench. Too cute!

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