Sunday in the country

The weather was so nice today that we did something we haven't done for a long time.  We drove about 70 miles to attend the church picnic at the place where my hubby's grandparents are buried.  Here's a shot of the church.  I tried to find a corner stone so I could tell when it was built, but couldn't see it.  I didn't crawl around behind the bushes; there were people watching!  The oldest headstone in the cemetary dated from 1904, so I'm guessing it has been there for awhile.  The school was built in 1939. 

I like the way the branches of the tree frame the steeple of the church.  It was kind of a mini family reunion, of sorts.  Other relatives went, too, and there are still some folks in the area that they remember from years ago, so I had lots of time to shoot pictures.  Later in the day, the front of church was in the full sun.  I like it better shaded like this.


This pine tree is probably as old as the church, or older. 


Here's my hubby and his brother and sister behind their grandparent's headstones.  They also have twin siblings who are buried somewhere back in the area that is all overgrown with trees and brush.  I think that is sad, but it doesn't seem to bother any of them.  It was much too bright to take a good picture, but we went out there soon after we got there.  If we go again, I will wait until later ini the day to take pictures.  I like to take pictures of where ancestors are buried so that if futher generations have any interest in finding the headstones, they will have some reference points. 

I wish I had taken some flowers along.  I have strange feelings about cemeteries.  There weren't very many flowers at any of the headstones.  I suppose it's like most small places like this.  All the family dies out or moves away and no one comes back to the cemetery anymore. 

We did have a very nice day.  The weather was perfect, so unusual for this neck of the woods in July.  The dinner was good – fried chicken and roast beef.  They had a couple of guys, one singing and one mostly playing, who were providing the entertainment.  And for a change, they were really good.  I looked them up on the internet and they have an impressive resume.  Not just a couple of local dudes who like to play music.  That is the way I enjoy like music.  Up close and personal.  To me, it is better than a huge concert. 

Enough for today. Hope the weather holds for another day or two so I can get some more flower shots.  Toodles!


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4 Responses to Sunday in the country

  1. Trailblazer says:

    This harkens back to a simpler time, when potlucks, church picnics and family came before climbing the corporate ladder or winning an election. Thank you for a glimpse of your life.

  2. It was a step back to a simpler day and time. It was like the whole day moved in slow motion.

  3. Emjay says:

    Years ago I went to Guernsey in the British Channel Islands and took photos of all the ancestor's graves. It is a wonderful record.
    It is always sad re the neglected graves. This is one reason that makes me think I would like to be cremated and have my ashes strewn in a favourite spot rather than lie decayed and alone in a cemetary.

  4. Neglected graves always make me sad. But I'm still leaning toward going that way. Guess I'm just a bit of a traditionalist in that regard. I have ancestor's graves in England and Scotland, but I have never been there. I'm sure my hubby has lots in Germany, but we haven't been there, either. My aunt has been to Scotland. I need to ask to see the photos again. She is in her 90s.

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