What happened to this week?

Mercy me!  What happened to this week?  How did it get to be Thursday night already?  I did take my camera out for a few minutes this evening.  It was so humid that I had fog on my lens. 

Here is a shot of one of my volunteer petunias anyway.  I applied the watercolor effect to the shot.  I like the way it sharpens the edges.  It doesn't look foggy now. 


I liked the watercolor effect so much on the purple petunia that I decided to try it on this pink one, too.  I really like it. 

I stayed outside for an hour or so, but I didn't take any more pictures.  I started pulling a few weeds, then couldn't quit.  By the time I wore out, I had a stack the size of a small hay bale!  I went ahead and pulled out some of the summer flowers that were on their last legs.  I want to get some mums in the ground.  Wal-Mart put out their big mum display yesterday.  Now I will have to decide if I want to get all one color, or as many colors as possible. 

I remember to take my camera to work with me this week, but I forgot to take it up front with me.  I still want to get a compact one that I can just slip in my pocket.  I think that is what I will get myself for Christmas.  I made a really pretty cake on Wednesday that I would love to have a picture of.  I work again on Saturday, then spend the rest of the weekend in St. Louis. 

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10 Responses to What happened to this week?

  1. Amy Sue says:

    I really like the watercolor feature!

  2. Waterbaby says:

    St. Louis, eh? One of my peeps lives there; maybe go introduce yourself to LBeeeze? (I also lived in Missouri, btw.) When I first saw the purple flower, I was gonna write, "wow, looks like a painting!" …. then I read, it is! ;p

  3. very lovely! What are you doing in winter without the wonderful flowers…can I have than shots about winder-landcapes:-))…I´m looking forward to seeing your fotos

  4. Thanks! I do suffer during the winter when I have nothing blooming. I am going to work harder this winter to find things to take pictures of.

  5. Thanks, Amy Sue! I don't think I had ever tried it before. What a pleasant surprise.

  6. My daughter lives down in the Ballwin/Valley Park area. I have another daugher who lives on Gravios. I live about an hour north of St. Louis. Where do you and yours live?

  7. Waterbaby says:

    No, not me; one of my peeps, LBeeeze, lives there. (I lived in Columbia for a couple years in the late 1970s.)

  8. I lived in Columbia in the 60s while I was in college.

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