Tuesday’s pictures from the country

It has been a long time since I took my camera out in my own backyard.  I still am amazed at the striking results I get when I apply the watercolor filter to the petunias.  These purple ones especially. 


My zinnias are still pretty, too.  Most of them got blown over in the last wind storm we had, but some of them are still standing.  I'm going to plant more of them next year.  The colors are so bright and they are so easy to grow. 


Here is my treasure for tonight.  This is really a weed called night shade, but the flower is fantasic! 

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6 Responses to Tuesday’s pictures from the country

  1. LBeeeze says:

    Great pics. I didn't know nightshade was a week. The flower is dramatic.

  2. Waterbaby says:

    lovely bloom, that weed!

  3. Some of worst weeds have beautiful blooms.

  4. There might be hybridized versions of it, but this one is a weed that came up in the potato patch.

  5. Emjay says:

    It is a beautiful bloom on the weed! The purple petunias look quite stunning.

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