A couple of cakes from Thursday

I had to do a lot of writing on this one, so I took a picture of it before I did the borders.  If I do the borders before the writing, I end up dragging my sleeve through it, or leaning into it, so I like to the the writing as soon as I do the base colors.  This one is done in whipped icing which doesn't behave the same way buttercream does when you try to pull the colors through.  The icing is so porous that most of it soaks into the icing rather than pooling up on top so you can move it around. 


Here is one of the more unusual cakes that we do for "landmark" birthdays, especially 50.  We decorate the cake so that it is pretty, then spray the whole thing with black.  I added pearlizing spray to the flowers to make them shiny.  This one is going to go in our idea book.  I took a couple of pictures of cakes that other people made today to go in our book, too.  The tie dye and the paint ball cakes that I made yesterday were gone by the time I got to work today.  Yeah!  When they are gone in less than 24 hours, you know you have a good idea. 

Wish I could have gone outside with my camera early this morning.   We had a lot of fog.  I love the atmosphere that it creates.  There was a perfect spiderweb above the bird bath, but I didn't have time to get my camera out.  Hope it is still there tomorrow.  Each little strand was strung with drops of dew. 

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7 Responses to A couple of cakes from Thursday

  1. LBeeeze says:

    I've thought the very same thing as I drove to work the last three mornings. There's a low spot near my house and it's been foggy with streams of light. It would make a beautiful shot, especially if there were deer.

  2. Thanks, about the cake. I'm hoping to get out with my camera in the morning. If I get some good ones, you will see them right here!

  3. WOW- I never saw anything like it-its´look like an underwater-creatur-I don´t know what to say….fantastic

  4. Thanks! It is a tad unusual.

  5. Waterbaby says:

    your photos make me hungry for a job in cake decorating again!

  6. I'm having more fun now than I ever have before. Some days can be a drag, but then other days are just really enjoyable.

  7. Waterbaby says:

    um, was this meant for me?

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