Sunday in the country

It was so nice outside today, and I was home for a change, so I went outside with my camera.  Usually the dogs are so wild that I can't get good shots of them, but today I sat down on the grass and waited until the silliness wore off and was able to get some nice shots.  This is Paya. 


Went back out with my camera this evening, too.  This is one of the mums I planted last week.  I love the colors. 

It's back to work tomorrow.  I was lazy today.  Played with my camera, uploaded some pictures, paid some bills, etc.  Think I'll go watch a little TV until bedtime.  Toodles!

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2 Responses to Sunday in the country

  1. Waterbaby says:

    awwww. {i love dogs}. the flowers are nice too, they look spraypainted, make me think of your cakes!

  2. They do look like they have been airbrushed. Maybe that's why Iike them so much. I'll tell Paya that you liked her picture. LOL

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