Clouds over the parking lot

This is what the sky looked like tonight from my car in the Walmart parking lot.  Rather interesting, I thought.  Since I didn't get  any cake pictures today and knew I would be tired by the time I got home, I pulled out my camera and shot a few frames. 

We weren't too busy today.  I put in another order for kits and things since the next weekday I will work will be next Wednesday.  The new kit we got today was "American Idol".  We'll have to see if it is popular, but I think it will be with young teens, and you can use it for boys or girls.  I'm going to get "Camp Rock" in next week, too.  At one time we had a lot of requests for it.  It is really hard to tell what people are going to buy.  We don't have enough storage room to stock all of the kits that are available.  We try to keep it to about 100.  Plus Walmart is introducing what they call "Signature Cakes"  that are shaped cakes with special plastic pieces to make them look like castles, etc.  Hope I don't have to make too many of them.  Doesn't look like something I'm going to get excited about.  Plus it's a bunch of big boxes that I have to find a place to store.  I did get some little plastic fairy lay-ons today that I think will sell.  I like doing creative cakes, but I enjoy the ordering and the organizing, too.  I even got motivated to get a storage box for the odds and ends of papers, etc. that I tend to have laying all around my desk.  Ordereing is a little bit like a chess game.  You have to anticipate what cakes are going to be ordered two weeks in advance and make sure you have enough kits on hand.  We are pretty well stocked right now, except for a couple of different ones, plus we will have the kits I ordered today delivered  by Wednesday or Thursday next week. 

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4 Responses to Clouds over the parking lot

  1. Waterbaby says:

    I'd enjoy a job like yours. {sigh; it's been 13 months unemployed and dunno if or when i'll work again … your job makes me wish i were …}

  2. LBeeeze says:

    Awesome cloud photo. It's like the sky is opeing up.

  3. It was a rather wierd sky, like something made up for the movies.

  4. When I started seriously looking for a job, for the first time in my life!, I had no idea that I would end up at Walmart. Much less decorating cakes. But I have always believed that life will take you where you need to go if you are open to the possibilities. Hope things work out for you, too.

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