Good stuff on Monday

I had bought a bag of Paula Red apples on Friday, and ate one that night.  Wasn't very impressed.  Ate another one for lunch today and knew I wouldn't be able to make myself eat another one.  They had pretty good flavor, but they were too mealy, and they had brown streaks in them. 

So this afternoon I decided to make a couple of apple pies using the apples and a couple of pie crusts that I had in the freezer.  I had six big apples, and ended up with only 4 cups of apples, just enough for one pie.  Two of them were completely rotten or something. 

I decided I wanted to try a crumb crust, something I hadn't done before.  I looked at a couple of recipes on line, then adapted my apple crisp recipe for the top crust.  Here is the unbaked version.  You can see that I added about half a cup of blueberries. 



Here is the finished product.  It was seriously worth writing home about.  Delicious!  It was still slightly warm, but I bet it will still be good when it is cold.  I'm going to try to start writing down all these ideas that I have that work out.  This one is a blue ribbon winner.  I also made a quiche, and that was really good.  I had some mushrooms left over from the vegetable lasagna that I made last week.  I had some spinach, too, but it wasn't any good.  I'm having a hard time buying fresh things and then using them while they are still good.  We had green beans and tomatoes out of the garden, but both are on their last leg.  There are still a lot of green beans out there, but they don't taste good anymore. 

My granddaughter really liked the new tops that I had made for her.  They looked really cute on her.  They didn't do anything for me at all!  I'm going to try to make another one for her this week. 

Just as we were sitting down to dinner, a thunderstorm blew through.  It rained and blew while we were eating, but didn't last very long.  Probably got a couple of tenths.  About what we got on Saturday night.  At least my flowers won't have to be watered now! 

Think I'll go sew for a little while.  I took a nap this afternoon, but I didn't sleep well over the weekend. 

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17 Responses to Good stuff on Monday

  1. Emjay says:

    I hate it when I think an apple is going to be crisp and it turns out to be "floury" – so disappointing! Your idea of putting some blueberries in with the apples sounds great. My tomatoes were not very good this year. There are still a lot of green ones but they go bad before they ripen – not sure what is wrong.

  2. sounds yummy. we got hit with the storm too, looks like round two will be here in a little while though and it looks like it will last longer. you may not get much though because right now it looks like it will stay south of you or at least the worst of it might.

  3. Waterbaby says:

    Had never heard of Paula Reds so jumped onto Google 'n' read that they don't keep well and make good applesauce!

  4. LBeeeze says:

    OMGosh that pie sounds soooooo good!!

  5. Amy Sue says:

    Oh Yum!! That pie looks & sounds scrumptious! Sometimes experimenting makes for the best recipes!

  6. I used to be so stuck by the book that I didn't change anything. Now I have more confidence to change things or totally wing it!

  7. It was the best! I'm so glad I froze those extra blueberries.

  8. They were really good in the pie. Since they are soft to start with, they totally break down to mush when you cook them.

  9. We missed round two. Don't know how much we got, but it looks wet. I need to move some iris and plant some tulips, but it may not happen today.

  10. It wouldn't have been quite so bad if two of them hadn't been totallly gone. Plus a third one was almost gone. They were good to eat raw, but they did make very good pie. I like the apples in my pie to cook down to mush.

  11. Wish I could send you a bite. And I wish I could borrow you for a couple of days to help me organize/decorate my house. It is pretty much just whatever happens is okay.

  12. Waterbaby says:

    Hold on. I'm no pie expert (in fact don't care for them), however, I do know a few things about cooking and it's my understanding from the experts, those with pie knowhow (doesn't that roll off the tongue nicely?), that slightly crisp apple slices are desirable, indeed an indication of a well-crafted pie?

  13. I think it may be a question of person taste. I happen to like my apples to turn into applesauce when I cook them in a pie, but I know others prefer to end up with nice firm slices when the pie is baked. I'll eat them either way. But I used to precook my apples when I was making apple crisp to make sure the apples were mushy by the time the topping just started to get brown. I probably won't win any ribbons at the county fair, but if it tasted any better, we would eat the whole thing at one setting!

  14. Waterbaby says:

    lol. Speaking of fairs, my sister's apple pie won a blue ribbon.

  15. That's wonderful! Which apples does she prefer?

  16. I'm not going anywhere. Whenever is fine.

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