I almost forgot!

Just as I was opening this page, I remember that I didn't post my Photo Quest entry to the group page.  Whew!  Almost missed my chance to be rich and famous.  LOL


I was concentrating so hard on trying different settings this morning when shooting for Photo Quest that I didn't even notice that Paya had gotten into one of the shots.  It does give a bit of perspective on how big the wood pile is because she is a medium sided dog.  I should say wood stack instead of wood pile.  There are actually two more rows behind this one.  Lots of good fires this year.  Last year we heated our house entirely with wood. 

Tried a couple of new recipes for supper tonight.  I make a salmon loaf.  I mostly followed the directions, except I added a can of tuna, and I used sour cream instead of milk.  Yumm!  Then I roasted some green beans.  They were pretty good.  We are all getting tired of plain boiled green beans. 

I worked on another top for my granddaughter today, too.  It's all finished except for the hem.  Should be able to finish it up tomorrow.  I have to go to work early, so it won't be so late when I get home.  Guess I'll take my camera.  My have time to be a little bit creative.  I've started making a book with pages in it of the cakes that we can do.  It has really helped when customers come in to order a cake for an adult or an older teen.  Most of our kits are for kids. 

I ordered a compact camera for myself so it would be easier to slip in my pocket at work.  They called today and said that it had come it, so I will have a new toy to play with tomorrow.   🙂

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6 Responses to I almost forgot!

  1. LBeeeze says:

    Looking forward to new photos!!

  2. Waterbaby says:

    so whaddya gonna do with your millions?

  3. Rats! I didn't get my new camera, just the 4 gig card! LOL

  4. I'll give you an advance on your first book!

  5. Waterbaby says:

    oooooohhh, best offer I've had in 15 years! ….

  6. I did get two more shots accepted by iStock today. They accepted two out of three. I'm excited. It isn't a million dollars, but it may be as close as I get. LOL

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