More dahlia photos.

Finally picked up my new camera on Saturday night.  Took it with me on Sunday so I could read the book, see what it could do, only to discover that I had forgotten the battery!  So it was this afternoon before I got camera and battery together to see what would happen.  Since I had just taken so dahlia photos on Friday, I went back out this evening to try again.  We had a lot of wind on Monday that blew dead leaves into the flower bed. 


I didn't get any sewing done today, but I did do a lot of laundry, paperwork, etc.  I even did a bit of housecleaning!  It's back to work tomorrow.  Toodles!

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7 Responses to More dahlia photos.

  1. Waterbaby says:

    those are the colors of those dahlias that lasted all of 2 days!

  2. It is probably a common color. It came from Walmart, but I don't care 'cause I like it. Sorry yours didn't last longer.

  3. OK, now what camera did you get? Tell me all about it, please.
    I like these photos too, the first one is my fave. Only thing I see is that some of the yellow is blown out a little…too much light maybe or you need to step down your camera a 1/2 stop of so.

  4. I didn't really step up, just sideways. I wanted a compact camera to slip in my pocket to take to work, so I bought a Canon Elph. My biggest problem now when I want to just step out and take a few shots is that the dogs want my attention, and want to stand right in front of me. It doesn't give me time to compose a shot or try different settings. I'm going to see what I can do with these with a little editing.

  5. Ah that makes sense. I bought my hubby a small Canon for Father's Day and he is getting some great photos. Some are better than mine 😦

  6. It is working great with my cake photos. The colors are better than they were with my big Canon. I just let it set itself automatically. It does a lot of thinking to get the settings correct. It even displays the settings on the screen. Pretty cool!

  7. Gees that sounds like a great camera. Hubby keeps his set on auto and gets good photos too.

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