A day off, finally!

I can't remember the last time I had a day off when I didn't have to do anything or go anywhere.  It was really nice.  I slept in and took a nap.  I washed clothes and spent several hours cooking.  My hubby was in the hospital this week because he is having swallowing problems and now he is on a soft food diet.  If you can't feed it to a baby, he can't have it.  So I made broccoli cheese soup for lunch with chocolate pudding.  I had bought a new immersible blender on Friday, so I used that to puree his soup.  It turned out so nice that I pureed all of it.  For dinner, I made mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, gravy, and green beans.  He didn't eat any of the green beans.  I ran the cauliflower through the blender with some milk to make sure it was creamy.  He ate some more pudding and I had jello.  I might lose a few pounds if we do this very long, but that wouldn't be a bad thing.  His doctor is supposed to call on Monday with more information about some more tests that he has to go in for next week. 

I finally took time tonight to look at the photos for our family reunion.  There is one of the whole family that is pretty good.  It is hard to get this many people all sitting still and looking in the same direction.


This is the whole gang, except for one daughter and her husband.  She was sick, and he was out of town.  Each family is more of less wearing the same color, and is together in the group.  The exception is the red heads in grey.  They got scattered around since their mom and dad weren't there.  I'll see if I can find a picture of the six of them.


This is our oldest granddaughter with her baby, and her three sisters and little brother. 

I have to work late again tomorrow, but we shouldn't be too busy, so I might be able to get some more pictures.  All of the cakes and cupcakes that I made last week were gone by Friday.  So, I guess I'll start over!  Plus we took several orders based on the pictures I had taken and placed in our idea book.  That has worked out really well. 

I'm going to go relax and watch some college football. 

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4 Responses to A day off, finally!

  1. LBeeeze says:

    What a beautiful family. That redhead on the far right of the bottom picture is a real stunner.

  2. Thanks! She could pass for an Irish lassie, couldn't she?

  3. Very nice family and very very many….its a very good idea with the colours. Have a nice day

  4. Thanks! We wanted to make sure the gene pool didn't dry up. LOL It is interesting that all of our children married into other Eastern European families with names like Chismarich, Kozul, Sandbothe, Knaack, Cole, and Ivanowski.

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