Another blog on Thursday

I have really missed posting my meager thoughts and activities (such as they are) on my blog.  I have also missed going out with my camera.   So I'm doing both today, and making you sit though it!  LOL

This is the table that is out on my screened in porch.  Not a necessarily attractive arrangement, but I liked the way sun was slanting in. 


I still have a few petunia plants on the south side of the house that haven't given up.  The leaves are protecting them from freezing. 


Here's some of the leaves that have collected in the bird bath.  We live on the edge of a rise, so all of the leaves blow out of our yard.  The wind does the raking for us, thank goodness! 

Time to go fix dinner.  I'm going to try meatloaf tonight.  Hope I can get it mushed up enough that hubby can eat it! 


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2 Responses to Another blog on Thursday

  1. I have missing you and your posts…there you are and the fotos are fantastic…autumn…have a nice day

  2. Thanks, K! We have been blessed with several days of nice weather this week. Last week it rained every day! Most of our fall color is gone. It didn't last long enough.

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