Monday’s cakes

This my my version of a cake with teal, lime green, and brown flowers.  It didn't get picked up before I left on Monday so I'm not sure if this is really what they wanted or not.  But I'm happy with it.  Brown flowers are hard, but I like the way these turned out. 


This is my favorite cake from Monday.  My directions on this one was yellow and peach roses. I made another one almost exactly like this one to put out in the cake case. 

We had a cloudy, cool, windy day today.  I didn't go outside except to water the dogs.

I spent most of the day today cooking.  I did take a nap and wash a couple of loads of clothes, and catch up on some computer stuff.  I finally took time to check my iStock account, and was happy to note that I had sold another photo.  It was one of the tomato worm from last year.  I haven't uploaded any photos in a long time.  Too time consuming.  I should go down to my sewing room and do some sewing tonight, but I don't know if I will make it.  I will more than likely go to bed early.  There is always tomorrow!

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