Medical news and notes

No time for photographs today.  This is my leaves in the bird bath from last week with a couple of filters applied.  It makes it look like an abstract painting. 

I went to the city with my hubby today.  I watched the grandkids so our daughter who is a doctor could go with her dad to his doctor's appointment with his surgeon.  They didn't get good news.  He has had esophageal achalasia for more than 20 years.  At it's basic level, it means that the lower esophageal sphincter (muscle) fails to relax and allow food to pass into the stomach in response to swallowing.  He has had various proceedures over the years, but now his choices are down to just two:  an espophagectomy (removal of the esophagus) or just living like he is now and waiting to see what will happen.  Both have disadvantages and no advantages.  If he does nothing, he risks cancer or a complete blockage and emergency surgery on an older and weaker body.  If he opts for the surgery, there are all the complications from the proceedure itself, then a complete change in lifestyle.  There are no good choices. 

If I were in his shoes, I think I would opt to keep living with the quality of life that I have until something changes.  He is getting along pretty good right now.  He has more energy.  He has gained a couple of pounds.  He is sleeping good a night.  So far, the food that I have been fixing has been really good.  The only down side for me is that it is more time consuming.  I make almost everything from scratch.  I will try to share some of my ideas and recipes as we go along. 

Being gone all day wears me out.  And I have to get up early in the morning.  I need to put some stuff away before I go to bed tonight, too.  Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern for us.  It won't be an easy decision for him to make.  I'll keep you posted. 

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8 Responses to Medical news and notes

  1. Emjay says:

    That's going to be a tough decision. Best wishes…..

  2. LBeeeze says:

    I'm so sorry that everything is so tough for you right now. I can tell that you're really tired. It's got to be so hard.

  3. I hate having to make decisions like that. I am sorry that he has to. Which way do you think he will go? I really hope the one he does choose gives him some comfort. Sending you both good thoughts.

  4. Thanks, Em. He is leaning toward leaving well enough alone.

  5. Thanks! It is emotionally draining. Thanks for sending so positive energy out our way. He has conked out again tonight, but he is feeling better about not doing the surgery.

  6. Thanks, TWM! It is going to be a hard decision, but he is leaning toward not doing anything. He read a lot of information today that our daughter had given him. Most of the information about the surgery is very depressing.

  7. Trailblazer says:

    Dealing with the 'known' is always easier. Hard to be a caregiver, but you will find the strength from above.

  8. You are right. It is easier to deal with the things you are familiar with. Lots of people have been praying for us. We are closer to being at peace with our decision. For right now anyway, we aren't going to do anything.

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