Flowers on the day after Turkey Day

I felt like an antique today, so I made a photo of one of my flowers look old.  I worked yesterday morning, got home at 2:00 and left at 3:00 to go to our son's house for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I had been feeling out of sorts since Tuesday, but just thought I was tired.  We hadn't much more than finished eating when I began to feel bad, still just thinking I was tired since I had gotten up early, etc.  We just barely made it home before I had to make a bee line for the bathroom.  I guess I must have picked up a GI tract bug last week from the grandkids.  I promptly took myself off to bed, but never got to sleep more than two hours before it was back to the bathroom.  Most of the time, it was only an hour. 

Today wasn't too much better.  I got down a piece of toast for breakfast, but the yogurt and banana that I ate for lunch had a war party.  Still I was able to do quite a bit of cooking.  We are going to my daughter's tomorrow for a second turkey dinner.  I didn't have to bring anything on Thursday, but I'm bringing several dishes tomorrow. My cooking today included blueberry applesauce, applesauce salad, cheesecake, mashed sweet potatoes, and custard pie.  The first four things are going with us.  The custard pie is staying here.  The recipe I use is straight out of Betty Crocker.  I'll try to post recipes for the rest yet this evening.  By dinner time, I was running out of steam, so I made super easy creamed tuna and peas using a can of mushroom soup.  I ate mine with some brown rice, and so far, none of it has come back up. 

Today was a beautiful day, but I didn't go outside.  I should have.  We won't have too many more days like today.

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4 Responses to Flowers on the day after Turkey Day

  1. DoctorD42 says:

    Actually, I think that the holidays are at least somewhat painful for many, even most, people.

  2. How where your local baked pies? I've purchased a few frozen pies over the years, but we usually make our own.
    Holidays are painful for a lot of people. Hope yours are happy!

  3. Flowers says:

    You have posted awesome picture of flower that is appreciated. Btw your blog looks perfect.

  4. Thank you. You know how crazy I am about flowers. I bought a poinsettia today. I have to take some pictures of it. And my Christmas cactus will be blooming very soon.

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