Mostly Monday

Another moon shot from sometime, I'm not sure.  Recently, to be sure.  I remember it was cold.  Perhaps it was Friday after I got home from work.  I used to just collapse as soon as I got home, but I'm trying to make myself cook a wee bit so hubby will have something good the next day while I'm gone.  On Friday night, it was just garlic toasts and pudding.  I can't remember what I did Saturday night.  Last night I just watched Sunday night football.  It was a good game, even though I did pass out before it was over. 

We were cleaning out the top part of the frig this morning.  Found a pie crust that I had forgotten about, so I made a pumpkin pie.  And turkey a la king.  Yummy!  I ate mine with brown rice.  I've spent the entire afternoon on the computer,  just trying to catch up. 

I worked by myself on Sunday.  Not much time to be creative.  I wanted to get started on our Christmas cupcakes, but never got around to it. On Friday, we had decorated four racks of cakes for Saturday.  That is a lot!  We got most of Sunday's cakes done on Saturday, just a couple left for me to do on Sunday, but then several more came in late, so I was busy. 

I need to finish putting our records on a spreadsheet and order some magazines for the grandkids for Christmas.  I won't do much shopping this year.  Doing Christmas activities and cooking and decorating help me get in the Christmas spirit, but there won't be much of that this year.  Bummer!  We did get a dusting of snow last night.  It didn't last very long.  It has been a grey, dreary day. 

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6 Responses to Mostly Monday

  1. Thanks! Are you going to leave the house today? I wish I could stay home, but I have to go get my eye pressure checked and I'm going to get my hair cut, too. Later!

  2. LBeeeze says:

    I had some errands to do. Went to the bookstore and ran into someone I knew from a long time ago. It was a good day.

  3. It was down right nasty here this afternoon, but I did get a rather smart hair cut, and a good report from the eye doctor, so it wasn't all bad. It was much more pleasant out this evening when we went to Mass.

  4. LBeeeze says:

    Nothing feels like a good haircut!!

  5. I went back to my old shop, so I got a shampoo, cut, and styling for the price I usually pay for just a cut. It is nice to be pampered a little bit now and then.

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