I should have had this photo for a recent Photo Quest, but I didn't take it until this morning.  I like the contrast of light and dark.  I'm sure the slow shutter speed accounted for the blurring, but I think it adds to the interest of the shot.

Another cold day today.  I wore three shirts, but was cold all day today at work.  Our counters are close to the front door, plus most of the store is kept cool enough that you can comfortably leave your coat on while you shop.  I bought a sweater/jacket to wear while I work tomorrow.  I don't like being cold.  I don't mind for a few minutes, but not all day. 

We were busy again today.  There were three of us, but we still didn't finish all of the orders for tomorrow.  Mostly birthday cakes.  We have gotten a few holiday cake orders, or orders for birthday cakes with holiday decorations.  We are selling a lot of cupcakes with holiday decorations.  Last year, I made a lot of cupcakes with poinsettias on them, but this year I haven't had time to make any.  Yesterday, we had an order for a cake with spring flowers.  That was weird!  I made daisies, daffodils, and tulips.  It was very pretty, but it looked out of place.  This year, we have a dark green icing that they call Winter Green.  I used it and a dark red on a couple of cakes for the case this afternoon.  I should have taken pictures.  I was in a hurry to get things done so I could leave early.  My original schedule was for 31 hours.  It got bumped up to 40 hours, but they don't want you to ever work more than 40 hours a week.  Didn't hurt my feelings to leave early! 

I was sure it was Saturday night when I got home tonight.  I have been confused all week.  Glad I will get to sleep in again in the morning.  I stayed up until 12:30 last night so I could finish reading my book.  I was reading Echoes by Mauve Binchy.  She is one of my favorite authors right now.  I need to go back to Amazon and order another one.  Maybe I'll wait until after Christmas.  I need to get my cards in the mail, and presents wrapped, etc.  Plus I'm way behind on my magazines. Not much point in getting them if I'm not going to read them. 

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One Response to Shoes

  1. Oh, oh, oh you have to post this for this week's Photo Quest on shoes…amazing light on the shoes…very nice photo!

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