Another Christmas pointsettia

Do you recognize this poinsettia?  It is the same photo that I used yesterday with a bit of editing.  Sorry for the fuzziness.  Not enough pixels.  Anyway, I wanted to do something in black and white to introduce a web site that my daughter told me about.  If you want to see some really good black and white, go to   I didn't take time to check out the entire site, but there are some very nice portraits. 

We were busy today at work.  We had a lot of orders for tomorrow.  I went in today, because I want to take tomorrow off.  Most of the time, when we can, we make the cakes for orders the day before they are due, so that it someone calls in, etc. the orders for the next day are already taken care of.  I left an hour early, but we had most of the orders finished.  The last one I did turned out very nice, but I didn't have my camera with me.  They wanted yellow and peach roses, and I tipped each bag with white icing to put a thin white edge on each flower.  It really looked dramatic on the peach ones. 

I'm really glad I did leave early, because it was snowing pretty good when I walked out the door.  A heavy wet snow that stuck to everything.  By the time I got close to home, the roads were completely covered in places.  No TV service by the time I walked in the door.  Too much snow on the receiver, but I didn't go back out to brush it off.  I didn't want to watch TV anyway! 


Hmmm.  I decided to try one more shot of the poinsettia, this time with basically no editing, just converting to black and white.  I it still very fuzzy, while the original in my file it very sharp.  What's going on?  Is anyone else having this problem?  Do I need to reformat with more pixels, even though it will take longer to upload?  What pixel size do you use? 

I'm going to go to bed so I can get up early in the morning and go out to take pictures.  I could tell already tonight that it was sticking to all the branches.  Can't wait to see that it looks like tomorrow! 

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