God Bless America…

at Wal-Mart.  This gentleman used to come into our store and sing God Bless America every morning.  He doesn't come in very much anymore.  He's not getting any younger!


Another busy day decorating cakes, mostly orders, although I try to make a similar cake to go in the cake case for each order I make.  It doesn't take as long to make two identical cakes as it does to make two different cakes.  I still have one order for Wednesday to do when I go in tomorrow, then it will be time to start on Thursday orders. 

I was tired when I got home tonight.  I sat down and didn't get up for an hour.  Guess I need to go to bed earlier tonight. 

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9 Responses to God Bless America…

  1. Waterbaby says:

    "This gentleman used to come into our store and sing God Bless America every morning." – Now there's a story. If I lived in your town, I'd be interviewing him for the local paper. Or striking up a conversation then blogging about it.

  2. Waterbaby says:

    What's your view on Walmart's latest action in Florida?

  3. LBeeeze says:

    What an interesting guy. Great photo!!

  4. He does deserve a story. I'll have to check into it. I'll ask one of the old timers. It may have been done already.

  5. I didn't hear about it. What happened?

  6. Waterbaby says:

    Google "Walmart Florida" or "Walmart employee Florida" for the news and video.

  7. Found it. It sounds like what is happening at our store, too. But I knew when I went to work there that it was going to be part time. There were a couple of weeks last summer when my hours were cut, but I was glad to have the extra time at home. But then I don't have to worry about supporting a family, either.

  8. Waterbaby says:

    Your Walmart greeters are getting punched in the head by a shopper, then fired? Is Walmart violence that pervasive? Or perhaps you've misunderstood the event that's triggered outrage toward Walmart. The story and video are here – second video from the top.

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