Country By Design: Cakes and Table Runners

Not very good editing here.  This is supposed to be a little cake that looks like a tree trunk with knotholes and ladybugs.  A little fairy sits on top, but our packaging doesn't leave room for anything on top, so we have to leave them off. 

We were busy again yesterday.  I still had one cupcake cake to do for Friday, then I got started on the 22 orders for Saturday. 

Someone else came in at 11:00, so I wasn't by myself, but it was still too much for us to finish.  Plus I had to leave an hour before my shift ended so I wouldn't have over 40 hours on the clock. 






I did get one table runner finished this week.  Part of my series of things made with recycled fabrics.  The denim is used men's jeans, and the pink is an old men's shirt. 

I have the runner listed on Etsy.  It's just a little one.  I did sell a set of placemats today.  That's encouraging.   I need to do more sewing. 

I did get my bills paid last night, but when I tried to upload these pictures, I could get the photos uploaded, but I couldn't add anything else.  Must have been something I was doing wrong. 

I took some more poinsettia photos for this week's Photo Quest.  I haven't taken them off the camera yet.  Hope I can get something to work with.  Later.

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