How to create two color swirled cupcakes

This is the first step, filling two bags with the colors you want to use.  These are 18" plastic icing bags, but you could do the same thing with smaller bags.









Step 2.  Insert both bags into a larger bag that has been fitted with a cupcake tip.  I'm not sure if you can buy these on the street.  Ours come from Bakery Craft.  This bag is 25 inches. 

The trick is having enough strength in your hands to squeeze the bag so that both colors come out at an even rate.  I move my swirl in a counter clockwise direction beginning at the top on the outside of the cupcake. 






I made five dozen swirled cupcakes.  I had to refill my bags once.  The first two dozen are the easiest.  I need to work on refilling the bags, etc.  After a while, the bags start to settle too much into the tip, making it very hard to get the icing to come out.  And after about four dozen, my hands and arms are worn out from applying all the extra pressure. 

All in all, they look impressive in the cake case, and gets attention.  That is the main reason to do it.  It doesn't make them taste any different!

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20 Responses to How to create two color swirled cupcakes

  1. Oh my word….you made so many and they are gorgeous. I bet your hands are tired. Thank you for showing the step by step. Now I know I can do it!!

  2. I had 16 dozen cupcakes in the case when I left yesterday. There was only one when I left tonight.
    Show me your cupcakes. Bet you can do it.

  3. Flowergirl says:

    Nice combination. It's really catchy

  4. Oh I could never do hands are old and tired. I have taught myself to use the mouse with my left hand because my right hand gets sore.

  5. I wasn't sure I could do it either, but it is good exercise. I made sixteen dozen at one time today, and my hand and arm was tired.

  6. Well I'm impressed, 16 dozen that is amazing! I've never made more than 4 dozen in mylife!

  7. Waterbaby says:

    yeah, it's a good color combo

  8. Laurie says:

    That final product shot is the one Vox should have put on the Explore page, not just the icing bags. The finished cupcakes are beautiful.

  9. I looks like we sell at least 8 dozen each day. I made another 12 dozen today.

  10. Thanks! I usually have a pretty good eye for color combinations.

  11. Darn! I missed it. I stayed logged on all the time so I miss that page.

  12. Thanks for the heads up! I signed out just so I could view the Explore page. That's the second time I've had a photo selected for the "culture is good" feature.

  13. Laurie says:

    You should be able to see that page when logged it, if you click the Vox logo in the upper left corner of whatever screen you're on. But I have a few Vox neighbors for whom that never works.

  14. I have never tried that. I'll have to see if it works. With dial up access, staying logged in saves me a few seconds. I'm the only one who uses this computer.
    Glad you liked the cupcakes! Thanks.

  15. Gees, 8 dozen a day, that is a lot of sales. Must be because they look so good.

  16. Amy says:

    psychedelic cupcakes! who knew?

  17. Considering the fact that we sell over a 1000 donuts a day, 8 dozen cupcakes doesn't sound like much!

  18. With me behind the wheel, so to speak, you just never know what will happen. I love to be creative and do something different every day.

  19. Gees, are you in a big town…I can't imagine selling 1,000 donuts a day!

  20. We do serve a big geographic area. I was floored by the number of donuts, too! If times were really hard, donuts is one thing everyone can live without! No one is going to die if they don't have a donut, but it would be hard to believe by how upset some of them get when we don't have their favorite in the case. As far as I can tell, one donut is more or less the same as any other.

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