At Wal-Mart…

we take naps,

and read books. 

I was dead to the world when I got home last night.  I had worked by myself (again), and my right knee had been killing me all day.  The only way I could stand it was to walk stiff-legged, and that wore me out. 

Plus I wanted to watch the election returns.  I'm not a political junkie, but I am an election return junkie.  Don't ask me why.  I quess it's the ultimate reality show. 

I slept like a log last night, so I got along better today.  I worked by myself (again!), but my knee wasn't as painful.  I was able to bend it when I walked, so things went much better.  I did take a picture of a signature cake I did today, but I'll wait and post it tomorrow.  I'm going to call it a night. 

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38 Responses to At Wal-Mart…

  1. I hope you sleep well, CountrybyDesign! You capture such great pictures of interesting people. I especially relate to the girl sitting on the floor reading. I have a daughter that does that when we wait in line at stores….she grabs a People magazine and the speed reading begins. I look forward to seeing your cake tomorrow.

  2. Waterbaby says:

    Looking forward to seeing that pic. Get some rest.

  3. Those are great pics — and I like the way you presented them … your words.I wish I knew what book she's reading, lol. So nosy

  4. LBeeeze says:

    Love these candid shots!!! Wal-mart really does offer lots of photo opportunities.Looks like that guy was really tired as well.

  5. Great photos and take care of you knee girl, you shouldn't work so hard.

  6. I can kind of relate to that. Sometimes I pick the longest line at the check-out so I can read a magazine while I wait in line! I haven't forgotten about the cake. It's coming!

  7. I'll get to posted yet tonight.

  8. Thanks! When I see something interesting, a title or quote usually comes to mind.

  9. Did you take your people shots down on the loop? That's another place with a lot of photo opps. I'm still not brave enough to take pictures of people when they are looking at me. Somehow it's different in the store.
    I don't know if ice would help, or if maybe on of the heat wraps would help. Maybe just wrapping it for support. I may just have to break down and go to the doctor!

  10. My hubby blames my work for my knee problems, too. It does feel better when I'm not working.
    I was messing around last night and finally got some photos to upload to Shutterstock. I tried iStockphoto again, but I can't get the photos to upload.

  11. I always feel better when I'm not working! How are you doing?

  12. I have used Shutterfly and have had success with uploading pictures to it, making photo books, and having photos developed.

  13. I have used Shutterfly, too. I have used Snapfish a lot, but now I can't upload anything. iStockphoto always was slow, but now I can't get it to work at all.

  14. It is being on your feet all day the makes your knees hurt. Did you ever figure out the issue with your new camera and the quality of the photos?

  15. Oh, I am so sorry you cannot upload. I would lose my mind, I have gotten so used to being able to simply connect my camera to the computer and upload. I hope you can figure it out!

  16. LBeeeze says:

    Wrapping it for support would be a great start if it's really bothering you. I just hate the think about you being so uncomfortable.

  17. No, not really. The picture of the fairy cake didn't turn out very good, but the picture from last night of the SpongeBob cake looked okay. So I'm still baffled!
    Do you think wrapping my knee would help? Or do I need to get off my feet?

  18. It is my slow dial-up internet connection, for the most part. The state has received a grant to look into the problem, but it sounds like most of it will be used to map the areas that don't have DSL. Guess they have to start somewhere. The only way I can get high speed is with a dish, like we do with TV, but it is more expense than I can justify right now.

  19. When I'm busy decorating, it doesn't hurt, partly because I'm standing still, and partly because decorating takes my mind off of it. I work a long shift tomorrow, but then the rest of next week is short shifts.
    The first time I went to Blueberry Hill, I was blown away. I don't get out much!

  20. Oh yes dial-up is very slow…I'm in a rural area as well and have a dish. Our local phone company is offering high-speed internet at a very good price. I need to see when my contract is up and go with the phone company, I think they are $25.00 a month and I pay about $56.00 a month now.

  21. I'll check out the cake photos. You could try wrapping your knee, don't wrap it too tight as it could make it swell.

  22. Some people who have the same phone service out here have been able to get DSL recently, so I'm hoping we will get service soon.
    I work a long day tomorrow, then just 5 hour shifts the rest of the week. I'm hoping the shorter days will have a positive effect on my knee. Plus I'm trying to knock off a couple of pounds that I've put on with all the special cooking I've been doing.

  23. Well maybe soon you can get a fast service for your computer.
    Oh don't talk about weight…I have wayyy tooo much right now. Can't get motivated to take it off.

  24. I won't worry about mine, except I think it may be part of the problem with my knee. I tried wrapping it this morning, but that didn't help any, so I wrapped my leg below the knee and that seemed to help. I didn't sleep good last night. A good night's sleep usually helps, too.

  25. Hmm that is good that the wrapping below the knee helped…oh sleep makes all the difference…I've had a few good nights of sleep lately and fell so much better.

  26. I'm going to piddle around with Picture It! for a few minutes,then I'm going to bed. It started raining on me on my way home, and it is raining rather steadily now. Maybe the rain on the roof will help me sleep better.

  27. I hope you have a wonderful nights sleep. I am one who struggles to go to sleep and I know the feeling of not getting enough rest. Hopefully, we will both sleep well tonight!

  28. Amen sleep a good night sleep is a blessing.

  29. Good night my dear and may be sleep fairy bless you with a great nights sleep.

  30. I hope so! I know I slept better. I may still take a nap before I go to work.

  31. Ah! And you know where of you speak. The sleep fairies had to work hard last night, but I did sleep much better. Thanks!

  32. Sleep fairies. i adore fairies. I wonder what the sleep fairies look like?

  33. Don't know! I must have been sleeping. LOL

  34. Well the sleep fairies didn't come to my house last night…I was up until 1:30 am working on photos and then couldn't stop my mind from racing and hubby was snoring up a storm…maybe a nap would be good!
    I'm framing and pricing photos of the exhibit open house on Thursday. I'm so excited…a friend I met on Frickr is coming as is Zak from VOX.

  35. What fun to have friends coming. I have the same experience many nights…not being able to fall asleep! I usually grab a book after I run the gamut on facebook and vox! Hope your exhibit open house goes well!

  36. Ha, how good are you at drawing…can you draw a sleep fairy!

  37. Thanks Freedom, I'm very excited to meet Zak as I have followed his VOX blog for a long time and we haven't meet…we probably live less than 10 miles for each other.

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