Another signature cake

This is the way we get dark colors in the whipped icing.  We mix it with a concentrated colored gel, sort of like making finger paint. 










Here's the icing on the cake.  This kit has more detail work than most of the other adult kits, especially with the air brush. 

Do you see anything wrong with it? 








Here's the signature cake I made today.  Spiderman hangs off of a "web" that attaches to the top of the building so he can swing around.  Notice how much more intense the colors are on this buttercream iced cake. 

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8 Responses to Another signature cake

  1. Did you spray the black? I know we talked about black before so I am just curious. This is an amazing cake. I have used the same methods with my kids…I get plastic figures and then use the icing to decorate the rest. I never had the patience to do the entire cake in those different color stars, as in, a cake the shape of Garfield that has his colors and face made by the star tip. I find those types to be tedious and they take way too long. You are a cake artist!

  2. Waterbaby says:

    "Do you see anything wrong with it?" – yes, spotted it quickly. Lips are zipped so others will have the chance to find it. While I'm a "traditionalist" in terms of decorating cakes (using only bags and tips), I can see how fun the kits are!

  3. Yes, all the base colors are sprayed. For the most part, we only use color icings for the decorations. With buttercream, like on this one, you can get really intense colors with the air brush.

  4. I prefer to just use icing for decorations, but the kits seem to be really popular. You can't eat them, and most of them aren't made well enough to be played with, so they are rather a waste, if you ask me. They do create a way for all Wal-Mart stores to make cakes that are the same no matter where you live. We buy from Bakery Craft and DecoPac, and I'm sure they sell to other stores that do cakes, too.

  5. LBeeeze says:

    WOW, the Spiderman cake is AWESOME!!! Did someone forget to cross the T on the first cake??

  6. Yes, someone did! I'm not sure who could have done that? I find it interesting that mistakes that I don't see in person show up like a sore thumb in a photograph.
    The spiderman cake is pretty cool. It doesn't have as much detail work as the others, so it goes together pretty quickly. Less than an hour, anyway!

  7. Emjay says:

    That Spiderman cake is amazing! I bet the little (big?) boy loved it too.

  8. I think it was for a nine year old. It is a cool cake.

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