Baby, it’s cold outside!

We had just a few minutes of sun this morning before the clouds took over again.  We even had more snow this afternoon, but it didn't amount to much.

I got three more items listed on Etsy today.  It takes about 4 minutes to upload each picture.  I'm working on a hot pad that is similar to the coasters that I would like to finish tonight. 

And, I finally got a photo to upload on iStock!  Yeah!  It's from last week, although I could have taken it today.  Some of you may remember the nice wood pile that I featured in on of the Photo Quests, probably in August or September.  If I had my photos organized, I could find it quickly, but, alas, I don't want to look for it.  Anyway, here is the same wood pile.  To me this photo has an emotional quality.  See what you think.


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24 Responses to Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. That is great that you got things uploaded to Etsy! I am not familiar with IStock.

  2. I got a couple more things made tonight. It feels good to accomplish something. iStockphoto doesn't pay you for your uploads. You only get paid if someone downloads your photos. I think I've sold 6 or 7. But since you have to upload big files, it takes forever with my dial-up connection.
    To me, the photo looks like the end of the road, kind of hopeless.

  3. So, on IStockphoto, you upload photos and you get paid if people download them? I want to know more about this. Also, I hope your pieces do well on Etsy!

  4. Yikes, that looks cold girl! Hope you are warm in the house. Congrats on Etsy…I have to do that some day…and I gave up on istock…I never sold even one photo.

  5. iStock is a little bit complicated to get started with. You might want to start with Shutterstock. It works on the same principle. Both require that you upload a portfolio for inspection. It took me two or three attempts to be accepted by iStock, then each photo is inspected. My first attempt on Shutterstock failed. They didn't accept a single photo! I must admit I didn't try very hard because every other time I had tried, I couldn't get the photos to upload. Now I have to wait a month to try again. Go to both web sites and see what you think.

  6. I can't believe you didn't sell anything on iStock. Of course, I think most of their buyers are looking for photos with people, cityscapes, work scenes, etc.
    I hope I can sell a few things on Etsy. I've tried a couple of other sites, and didn't sell anything.

  7. Emjay says:

    I *love* that photo!! It totally describes coming to the end of a tough journey with no through road. I like the fact that the only bit of colour is the blue and it is ripped further suggesting desolation. (a destroying of hope?).

  8. LBeeeze says:

    I does have an emotional quality of hopes put on hold and left to the elements.

  9. Ah! That is good. Of promises broken, or hopes dashed. Of a spirit crushed.

  10. Thanks, Emjay! I think it is the most emotionally charged photo I have ever taken.

  11. LBeeeze says:

    Yes, all those things too, and I agree with what Emjay said about desolation.

  12. I haven't put any photos on istock in ages…I can sell my horse photos for good prices so why get pennies from istock.
    Now I thought you had sold things on etsy…didn't you?

  13. Yes, total desolation and hopelessness.

  14. I'm glad you can sell your photos. I'm not really into matting and framing, etc. Plus, I don't really have a market. I hadn't listed anything new on Etsy in awhile because I was busy sewing for my granddaughter. I only have 20 items in my Etsy shop. I need more items in stock. I have 67 photos uploaded on iStock and I have sold 10.

  15. Wow 67 photos on istock, I'm not sure how many I did but not that many. That is great that you have sold 10!

  16. Thanks! I'm going to try Shutterstock again, too. My first 10 weren't accepted. But I will admitt I didn't try very hard because I hadn't ever been able to upload any before. Now I'm making a list of some of my better ones to try again.

  17. Thanks! My daughter is sending me a copy of PhotoShop Elements. I should give me lots of new material to learn!

  18. You should like Elements…I sure did.

  19. I hope so. You are gradually getting me interested in doing more photo editing.

  20. Ha, I feel like that is a great accomplishment!

  21. It is! It isn't something I would do without your pushing. Do you remember, I didn't even know how to take black and white shots until one of your challenges, what seems like ages ago. I need to check out the new challenge today. This is my first day off in awhile.

  22. Super girl, see how far you have come!

  23. I have, thanks to you! I used to think you had to have a bright sunny day to take photographs, but you really don't. I think this is one of my best shots, in terms of emotional quality, at least.

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