Another cloudy Tuesday



But spring is on the way, at least at my kitchen window.  I was given this amaryllis for Christmas (thanks D & G).  I wasn't too hopeful since the one I had last year was a flop, but this year is going to be different.  We are going to have at least one flower and soon. 











And look at this!  You can just barely see them, but the daffodils are coming up in the flower bed closest to the house.  They are rather pale from lack of sunlight, but it is an encouraging sight, even if we do have six more weeks of winter. 










You would think it was almost dark when I took this shot of the sycamore tree, but it was the middle of the day. 

I started on another table runner this afternoon.  I think I will like the way this one turns out, even though it will be different from other ones have done.  I'm doing it in black, white, and red.  I've never working with black before so it should be interesting.  I'll try to show you what I've gotten finished tomorrow. 

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19 Responses to Another cloudy Tuesday

  1. Amaryllis are my favorite flowers.Have a nice day

  2. Booohooo! We just got another load of snow last night and it keeps continuing :(( Not even close of spring or the first buds or any sort….*sniffle*

  3. Emjay says:

    No sign of any buds or shoots in my little garden – mind you it's been covered with snow since Saturday's storm and last night we got another 4 or 5 inches.

  4. LBeeeze says:

    Dreary yesterday, so the groundhog (if present) could not have seen her/his shadow….early spring for us cause I say so.

  5. It is going to add some color to a rather dreary landscape, as you can see in the background.

  6. I'll share my early spring with you. I love plants, especially those that bloom in the winter. My dining room looks like a greenhouse.

  7. OMG! No wonder you can't see any buds. I need to go out and look where we planted your peonies. They are on a north facing slope, so I doubt if they have been brave enough to come up yet.

  8. Do you have any poking through? These are always my earliest. Mostly sunny here today. Yeah!

  9. LBeeeze says:

    I do have some irises that my very sweet next door neighbor planted for me. They were absolutely beautiful last summer. Very vibrant and purple. The dear don't seem to bother them, so they're the only flowers I have. I haven't checked to see if they're poking through yet.

  10. Probably not. Unless they are in a protected place. I love iris.

  11. Yea, spring is coming! I don't see any visions of spring here yet but it was a beautiful warm day today.

  12. We are supposed to be getting another round of snow, beginning later tonight. Glad I don't have to work tomorrow.

  13. Darn you guys have got a lot of snow this year…we had a good rain today. It started about 4:00 am and ending around 10:00 am and gave us .8".

  14. That is good news about the rain you received. It has cooled off to 29 degrees now and is snowing pretty seriously. Not great big flakes, but enough to amount to something if it keeps coming.

  15. Wow, is the snow sticking yet? We are to have another storm tomorrow evening. We are still very wet and have big puddles in our dirt road…very messing going.

  16. I bet it is. You aren't any more equiped to handle a lot of rain than they are equiped to handle so much snow out east. Isn't that a mess!

  17. Oh that is a mess…we aren't bad at all just wet and cold…but fine.

  18. We had 5 above this morning, but it got up into the 20s. And the sun was shining!

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