Country By Design table runner

I finished this table runner this week and got it listed on Etsy today.  You can check out the reverse side and some close-ups at  I finished a custom Etsy order today, and have it in the box ready to ship. 

We almost had some sunshine today.  You can see it on the edge of the table in the photo above.  By lunch time, it was cloudy and by the time we left home to go to Mass, it was raining.  It was warm then, but by the time we came home, it was only 34.  I need to take a look at the weather forecast to see what to expect tomorrow. 

I finished another set of coasters today, too, but I don't have them listed yet.  They are a great way to use extra squares from the table runners.  I work every day now for the next four or five days, so I'm not sure what else I will get done.  I need to get another hooded towel made for the next birthday party.  It will be here before I know it. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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15 Responses to Country By Design table runner

  1. You are so creative and good at marketing your wonderful creations…you make me feel so bad about not putting my photos on Etsy. I've said over and over again I was going to do that but here I sit nothing on Etsy. Well maybe this week. I've been working so hard on my horse bill that everything else has slid…need to focus on my business….as I don't get paid for working on the horse bill…stupid me.

  2. The table runner is lovely and is one of my favorite places to shop because the people that are selling are so kind and personable. I bet your things will sell quickly.

  3. But the horses are your passion. I don't blame you for working so hard on it. I had ignored my Etsy shop for a long time, too. I bought some expensive photo paper last week so I can put some of my shots on Etsy. Here's a challenge for you and me: List at least 5 photos on Etsy this week!

  4. I haven't had a lot of sales recently, but I enjoy the creative process. If I spent more time trying to produce the latest fashion, I might be able to sell more, but that isn't the reason why I like doing it. Right now, it is a hobby, not a business.

  5. Woo girl that will be hard but you are on…5 photos on Etys this week * wipes brow and runs for the inventory list*.

  6. Artistic hobbies are a must 🙂

  7. Amy Sue says:

    Beautiful table runner…you are so talented! I'm sure I've told you that before. 🙂 Have you handed down any of your wonderful talent to family members? My daughter wants to learn to sew like her grandma (who is a wonderful seamstress).

  8. Now I need some help! Where do you get your photo sleeves? Do you need a cardboard backing if you are using a photo mailer? How should I sign them? With my name, or with Country By Design? Should I use my CBD shop, or open a new shop? Do you date them with the date you took them, printed them, sold them, or what? Do you have a numbering system? I was thinking about doing something like: 100221.001.01. That would be the date the shot was taken, the image number from the computer, and the number of the copy. Any other suggestions?

  9. I may need to depend on it some day for income, but I prefer to keep it as a hobby. What do you enjoy doing?

  10. You may have told me already, but I don't mind hearing it again. LOL None of my daughter's do much sewing. The two oldest can, but don't very often. Two of my daughter's have their own web sites. One does custom card designs using photos provided by her clients and the other has her own personal training business. All of them are good cooks, even the boys.

  11. Photography is my main creative outlet, although I do like to oil paint and someday when we have bedrooms available, I hope to have a painting room. I also decorate all the kids birthday cakes as their birthdays come around and I decorate the kitchen for birthdays. I am a bit holiday celebrator as well. I have created some photo books on shutterfly and am very pleased at how they turned out. I just bought one copy for me but they are a great keepsake and a nice way to show people pictures.

  12. That's wonderful. I bought my first digital camera just so I could sell stuff on eBay, and look what's happened. I'm not much for birthday and holiday celebrations. They weren't a big deal at home when I was growing up. I do enjoy sewing, and crafts that involve sewing. Very relaxing to me.

  13. OK this is a long answer…maybe I should do a post…but don't have the time right now.
    Photo sleeves…
    I don't sign the small ones…only 14 x 11 and I've been signing the back…what I want to do is have the prints mounted with a boarder on the bottom and then sign on the boarder…that is what Ansel Adams did..good enough for him…
    I read that you don't number the prints unless they are the bigger size and you certify the numbers etc…so I haven't done that yet.
    I use Mpix to print my photos…love them and I'm thinking of have the photos mounted on gater board..the matt board warps some.

  14. Thanks for taking time to answer all my questions. Don't know if I'm going to make my own challenge. I had to work 8 hours yesterday and again today. Don't get anything else done when I do that.

  15. Oh I was gone yesertday from 9;30 am to 7:30 pm. We took two reports to the ranch and what a hoot that was…I must do a post on that! So we drove over 200 miles yesterday and then went to the Amerind Museum to check out their facilities for a media event and my neighbor called and wanted us to pick up the horse we had lent them…long story…I'll fill you in later…so we drove home hitched up the trailer and got the horse! Long day! I'm not sure I will make your challenge either but I will get it started this week!

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