Me and my snake

This photo is from July of 2008.  I was telling Dr. D that snakes aren't anything to be afraid of, at least not tame ones.  This green anaconda is giving me a hug.  I was trying to explain that they are surprisingly warm and very soft.  I have more photos, but they are on a disk, not on my computer. 

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21 Responses to Me and my snake

  1. Oh I really like snakes….I used to catch them when I was little and then even when I was older. Do you own this snake?

  2. AGGGGGGHHHHHHHH……you are so brave. I could not have done that!

  3. Admirable! Not something I would really consider to do – but maybe someday?

  4. Karen says:

    Oh wow!! Is that your pet?? Well, it must be, surely you didn't just pick it up from a nearby tree and start wrapping it around your neck. How long have you had it? What do you feed it? LOL sorry about all the questions!

  5. Emjay says:

    Well……… a lot of Australian snakes are deadly. 🙂 I like the photo!

  6. No, a guy who works for a wild reptile company has his own collection of snakes, etc. and does school programs, etc., as well as private birthday parties. This is one of the snakes he brought to my granddaughter's birthday party.
    Aren't snakes cool? I still don't want one to surprise me, but I like getting up close and personal with them.

  7. I know. Some people are really afraid of snakes and other critters. I'm braver than I used to be.

  8. There would have been a time when I wouldn't have been able to do it either, but I'm not as up-tight as I used to be. Snakes are really wonderful.

  9. Sorry, I should have expained a bit more. In St. Louis, there is a young man who is licensed to own snakes and other reptiles. He presents programs at schools, etc., and he also does private birthday parties. He brings his collection of tame reptiles out to your house and lets everyone hold them and touch them. This occasion was my granddaughter's birthday party. He talks about how he got all of them, and what they eat, and the care they need. Very educational. He also works for a company that deals in wild animals.

  10. When I get to Australia, I'll stay away from the snakes. I don't go around picking up snakes around my house, either, but this was a tame one that was making an appearance at my granddaugher's birthday party.

  11. Yes I do like snakes just not the rattle snakes we get here. We have black and red racers, bull snakes, King snakes and even a Tucson Snake.

  12. Amy Sue says:

    Awesome photo! I have to say, though…I….could….not…….it! 🙂

  13. Emjay says:

    When I was going through photos the other night looking for some of my sister I came across a series I had taken at the Australian Wildlife Park with Steve Irwin's wife holding a snake while my then young daughter petted it. I think I have some of Steve Irwin with crocodiles but they must be in a different box.

  14. Our friendly snakes include the black snake and garter snakes. We don't see them up around the house, though. Thank goodness!

  15. I understand. I think I am the one who is weird!

  16. My first contact was at the St. Louis zoo when one of the keepers was holding a large snake, perhaps a python, and you could touch it. That was a long time ago, but I remember being surprised that they were warm and soft.

  17. Seph says:

    I'm not a fan of reptiles, but that's a great pic. 🙂

  18. I don't want one for a pet, but I do find them interesting.

  19. Ha we had a baby king snake in the house…the cats found him and we got him in a plastic container and outside before any harm came to him.
    I thought I saw a garter snake once on the road when I was riding my horse and ponying Winn…but it was a Mojave rattlesnake..the most poisonous snake in North America…we were OK as my friend identified the snake and got it out of the road.

  20. We caught three small snakes last fall when I put out the sticky mouse traps to catch the spiders. Then I noticed on the package that it says they are for mice, snakes, and spiders. We catch more spiders than anything else.

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