More amaryllis

I played around with this amaryllis photo again today.  I should have saved it as a png file rather that a jgp file.  I think I like the grey background in this one better.  The colors in the other one don't come out good when you try to print it.  I have some small holes in this one that need to be fixed, but I think I can clone some color into the white spots.  At first, I tried to get rid of the red streak on the right, but now I think I like it.  It sort of acts like a frame.  My granddaughter's birthday was yesterday, so I'm trying to get a good shot printed to give to her for a present.  I bought a black frame with a white mat. 

I have worked every day this week so far, but I have tomorrow off.  So much to do!  I had a stack of stuff on my desk that needs to be put away.  I was tempted to by a set of drawers when it occured to me that I have a huge desk with drawers on both sides that are full of who-knows-what, so this morning I emptied one of them out onto the floor.  Most of it looks like trash, so it will go downstairs for the furnance.  We never used to burn paper in the furnance, but we are going green.  Why take it out to the burning barrel to burn, when you can just throw it in the furnance and have free fuel to keep the house warm? 

It rained here all day on Sunday, and the creeks and rivers were out again on Monday.  Yesterday it warmed up a little bit, but today it stayed below freezing all day.  I made creamed tuna again for lunch today.  I ate mine with brown rice.  Tonight I had more brown rice and some sauteed mushrooms.  I love fresh mushrooms.  And to think that I didn't start buying fresh ones on a regular basis until just a few months ago. 

I sound rather brain dead, don't I?  Think I'd better toddle off to bed.  I have a hard time going to sleep right away on the nights when I work late, then don't eat dinner until after I get home.  But I don't think I will have any trouble now.  Sweet dreams, everyone!

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4 Responses to More amaryllis

  1. It sounds like you have worked very hard on your day off, cleaning out the desk. Whew. Those kind of tasks can overwhelm me. I will get to the point where I have everything emptied all over the floor and then run out of steam. Sounds like you were able to finish the task!!

  2. Don't celebrate yet! If you looked at the floor, you would fine it hard to believe how much stuff I have thrown away. I usually avoid going through stuff as long as possible. If it wasn't for the fact that I had run out of room to put things away, and was actually considering buying more storage, I would never have started. I'm sure some of that stuff had been in those drawers for ten years.

  3. I am the same way. That is why it is such an ordeal when I finally do it, because so much has stacked up 🙂

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