Sorry I have been missing in action for several days.  I have been working my tail off!  10 hours on Friday and 11 hours on Saturday.  I only put in 8 hours today, but my tail was dragging by the time I clocked out.  Another 8 hours tomorrow, then I have a day off.  Yeah!  I'll be back ASAP. 

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4 Responses to MIA

  1. My goodness….that makes me exhausted just to hear the hours listed. How do you do this, with hurting knees as well. I am amazed. And your hands much be so sore from squeezing the icing bag. You are a strong woman. I miss you when you are not here! I do wish you could have more than one day off!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I was very tired last night, but I slept really well last night. I remember dreaming for the first time in a long time. I've managed to drop about 8 pounds which has helped my knees a lot. And my hands don't get sore. I'm not sure why. I think there is enough variety that my hands don't wear out. And I've learned to do a lot with my left hand, or with help from my left hand. I really miss keeping up with you all. I'll try to read everyone's posts tomorrow. I'm ready to head to bed tonight. I may sleep for 12 hours!

  3. Good. Get some great sleep 🙂

  4. I slept like a baby last night and woke up a little after 7:00. Usually, if I'm tired, I toss and turn a lot, but I didn't last night. Perhaps I need to work harder during the day so I can sleep better at night!

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